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In a word: Slathered in sauce, this works out to be about OK.

The specs: #00846  
4833 Annamark Dr., 53704
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JM ate the pulled pork sandwich plate with mac & cheese and a soda.
Nichole ate the "quarter plate" with sliced brisket, jalapeño beans, and fried okra.
The bill was $17, or $8.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Dickey's a B; Nichole gave Dickey's a C+ (see our grading rubric).

Dickey's is a quick-serve BBQ chain by East Towne. It looks like a great place to take kids, and the speedy service model makes for an extra casual but not rushed feel. The staff treated everybody really well, and showed care about each order.

For instance, the okra thing. Fried okra as a side dish is made to order. By the time we picked up our plates at the register, the okra was already down in the fryer and we were given a table tent that said "OKRA." And so it came out, hot, salty & not at all gumb-y-slim-y, just a few seconds after we sat down.

Pulled pork sandwich and mac & cheeseBrisket

The meats themselves were pretty consistent bite to bite. Pickle and onion were necessary to add some variety, as was the sauce - the hot barbecue was made hot with a hit of red pepper flakes, but the regular sauce was just that, average if anything. The mac and cheese was al dente and a little too salty.

A remedy for the salt & spice was the free soft serve. We loved it for cooling off our tongues, and mulled over DIY orange-and-Coke floats, and cooed over the small-size cake cones in the dispenser. It was decent ice cream, too. At least, it tasted more Dairy than Queen did.

Dickey's model seems a good one even if it is not everyone's favorite BBQ.  A place to go get take-out meat and meat set-ups is as useful in 21st century America as places for burgers, sub sandwiches and kung pao chicken. As with any chain, though, sometimes the quality is a little too unquality. 


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At my office, we have had Dickie's cater in lunches a number of time. So, I have had the opportunity to try all of their meats and most of their sides. I think they have a fairly consistant quality of food and the turkey and chicken are surprisingly good. Their service is always reliable as well.

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