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DelicaTessie'sIn a word: Sturdy.

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4914 Pflaum Rd., 53718
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JM ate the clam chowder with bread, some mac & cheese, a bottle of juice, and a Rice Krispies treat.
Nichole ate the egg salad sub on wheat with sprouts and banana peppers, in  combo with an apple, chips, and a can of soda.
The bill was $15, or $7.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave DelicaTessie's a C+; Nichole gave DelicaTessie's a B- (see our grading rubric).

There's a Subway on the corner of Pflaum & Stoughton that you should drive right past so you can try DelicaTessie's. It's a sweet little spot in an industrial park, going for the same speedy lunch service that Subway does, only with a bigger, better variety of non-sandwich foods. The dining room is kind of dark and drab, though. 

DelicaTessie's menuLunch

Mid-meal, JM mumbled something like "aftertaste theatre," and Nichole could identify.  The mac & cheese was distinctly metallic with some not-quite-cheese-not-quite-pasta bites. The clam chowder was probably fine at lunch, but suffered from being on low heat a little too long.

It is not so much that any of the food was bad, just a little too automatic in a not particularly interesting way.  The rice krispie treat, for example, was sweet and good but that was because it had far too much marshmallow in it.  It wasn't old or painful from age, just maybe overprepared. 

That said, the staff was friendly and chatty and the service was quick, trying especially hard to get everyone through in a timely manner when there was a line. And maybe that line is the best indication that this place has more going for it than we observed.


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