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DeForest Family Restaurant

DeForest Family RestaurantIn a word: An honest to goodness gem.

The specs: #00841  
505 W. North St., DeForest, 53532
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JM ate the French toast with an English muffin and a chocolate milk.
Nichole ate the smelt dinner with a side of clam chowder with a chocolate shake.
The bill was $26, or $13/person, plus tip.
JM gave DeForest Family Restaurant a B+; Nichole gave DeForest Family Restaurant an A- (see our grading rubric).

We admit, we like the "family restaurant" concept more than we probably should and furthermore, we liked DeForest's version quite a bit.  It is a shame it is so far out of the city.

The interior is very clean and the facilities are quite up to date.  There's an actual walk-up-to-it-and-get-a-pretzel-stick salad bar as well a pretty deep menu. This includes a section called "From the Garden" which is salads, sure, but also fruit plates and other simple entrees and sides without any meat.

Down to brass tacks, how was the food?  Again, really good for the style of place.  Nichole's smelt were crisp and supple and among the less greasy of her recent ventures into this fish.  It came served with a nice baked potato and some (canned) corn which also found their way into the nice and hot clam chowder.

Clam chowderSmeltFrench toastChocolate shake

JM's brinner of French toast was also nicely sized with smaller than average French toast, which was sadly a wee bit over-eggy.  Also the syrup did not penetrate the toast enough and left a puddle by the end of the meal. The toasts were filling and served warm, however. The English muffin was great.

Our server was really great (we asked whether the cakes & pies were made in house and she didn't try to sugar coat that they weren't) and took care not to seat anyone too closely to anyone else, which was fine because the place was mostly empty when we went at too early:for dinner.  What can we say, raisin toast is standard and prices are reasonable.  It maybe a little too Sysco to justify a trip that far, but if we were there we'd stop. 


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$13 per person? That's pretty steep for where you were and what you ate. Funny - when I moved here from Chicago, eating out seemed incredibly cheap. I must be getting used to Madison prices.

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