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In a word: Cannot quite bring 'em home.

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1017 Nygaard St., Stoughton 53589
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JM ate the pulled pork sandwich with fries.
John ate the Reuben with coleslaw.
Nichole ate the Bronco BLT with wild rice.
Rose ate the black & bleu burger with chips.
We split some onion rings.
The bill was $38, or $9.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Deak's a B+; John and Rose gave Deak's a B; Nichole gave Deak's a B- (see our grading rubric).

Deak's in Stoughton is a tick above the average sports bar in terms of menu ambition. The food selection might be a little too extensive for what Deak's can execute very well, though. None of our fare was fantastic, and most of it tended to be overdone or dry. The service was stretched a little thin, too. Maybe the two are related.

The Reuben was the best of the bunch. Fine corned beef & sauerkraut came in balanced proportions. The slaw was very good, mayo-based, and diced for easy forking.

Onion ringsBlack & blue burgerReubenBLT

We often get onion rings, but these weren't a great value. The onions seemed tired and stressed out. They were crispy & nicely greasy but not very flavorful (table salt fixed that somewhat).

Pulled porkThere were some things that sounded good but didn't go over well. The "Bronco BLT" was made wild with a side of wild rice (dryish) and jalapeño bacon. The spicy bacon was the best part; the veggies were not great, and there was a scant stripe of mayo that lost its fight against the dry toast.

The black & bleu burger and the pulled pork were both also too dry. Rose did like the burger seasoning. The pork had blackened bits in it, which can be tasty if there's some sauciness to balance it, but that wasn't the case here. The dryness begged for condiments but this place is no Famous Dave's.

Ultimately, Deak's is a place to watch Badger  and Packer games as a group in Stoughton and maybe pick up a burger at the same time. Us going during World Baseball Classic games may have been the wrong time to see Deak's shine.


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