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Country Corners

Country CornersIn a word: Peaceful, greasy feeling.

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3737 Country Rd. AB, McFarland, 53558
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JM ate the ham and cheese with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the BLT with a diet Crush.
We split some Brew City Onion Hot Scoops.
The bill was $14, or $7/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Country Corners a B- (see our grading rubric).

There are so many bars that could be called Country Corners, that this will be followed briefly by Crossroads only makes it worse. Furthermore, those two bars are just minutes away from each other in rural north McFarland. Their parking lot needs about three more curb cuts.

So, Country Corners: We ate on an NFL playoff night (the Ravens were eking out a win over the Broncos and we know how that ended up). The place was mostly full of football fans around the bar, and we had our dinner off to the side where we could relax and enjoy our meal.


The BLT was balanced, the B proportionate to the fresh L&T.  JM's Ham & Cheese (#70) was quite tasty on its round buns heated and melty with just a stack of ham.  Sadly, though, a similar experience can be obtained at Burger King and driving out to Country Corners is not really going to be his cuppa.

The Brew City onion hot scoops (a mouthful to both eat and say) were like those bloomin' onion petals in light batter with ranch on the side. But to live up to the Milwaukee name they claimed, they probably need to better than this. 

Country Corners lands square in the middle of country bars in our experience: nothing awesome enough to revisit, nothing repugnant to keep us away.


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You should have a music track with your reviews...I have a peaceful, greasy feeling, that you won't let me down.....

Country Corners is worth a visit for their hamburgers. No frills but always seasoned well and cooked perfectly. No French fry add on per meal but the mountain of them you get as an appetizer is ample for two to split. And speaking of appetizers, they just added pickle fries - dills run through a French fry press, battered, and deep fried. Perfect for dipping. Finally, their Sunday brunch is decent, made even better by the build-your-own-Bloody Mary bar.

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