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Corner Cafe

In a word: The intersection of great and merely decent.

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30 W. Main St., Belleville 53508
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JM ate the country fried steak and scrambled eggs with hashbrowns and a lemonade.
Nichole ate the Monte Cristo with tomato florentine soup, a side of raisin toast, and decaf.
The bill was $18, or $9/person, plus tip.
JM gave Corner Cafe a B; Nichole gave Corner Cafe an A- (see our grading rubric).

Belleville's been good to us so far - it's a pretty little town, got a good fish fry, by the bike path. Corner Cafe is another plus.

The facility is a little on the shabby side, to be honest - not quite naked-lightbulb-and-extension-cord shabby, but not shabby chic either. (Besides, anything on Main Street Wisconsin has a hard time looking good in the post-holiday doldrums when it's already been dark for three hours by dinnertime.) The staff was relaxed and friendly with regulars, and quick with refills.

MenuTomato florentine soup

The occasion called for soup. Corner Cafe's tomato florentine was great, with firm noodles, hearty greens and zucchini in a thick, clean-tasting tomato base. It set up the Monte Cristo (yes!!!) perfectly. And this sandwich was pretty well put together, too: on the heavy side, but true to the classic combo of turkey, ham & melted Swiss on French toast.

The raisin toast (another must) looked good but something was off, a faint onion-y flavor in the butter that might have been from using the wrong spreader, or from storing the butter next to the onions.  Maybe next time.

Monte CristoChicken fried steakBreakfast

JM's breakfast for dinner was quite good, though a fair bit shy of spectacular.  The eggs were standard and the hash browns were buttery in just the right way.  The steak was tasty but dry, even while smothered in a delightfully sloppy sausage gravy that was equal parts down home and factory processed. 

You certainly can find this type of food closer to home, but eating it in Belleville seems somehow more appropriate.  The Badger State trail runs right through the west side of town and this place would make a good fill-up stop on that journey, whether you turn back or keep going all the way to the tunnel.


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Hi there. Random, but I wanted to let you know that I unsubscribed from the email option, but added y'all to my Google reader. I am not going away! Love reading these, always.

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