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Cinema Cafe

Cinema Cafe 5In a word: Food, flicks & fun.

The specs: #00823  
124 W. Main St., 53589
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JM and Rose split the cheeseburger deluxe pizza.
John and Nichole split the veggie pizza.
The bill was $34, or $8.50/person, plus tip, and $26 for 4 movie tickets.
JM, John, and Nichole gave Cinema Cafe an A- (see our grading rubric).

Game libraryCinema Cafe is a 4-screen movie theater with hot food and a super-friendly mom & pop feel. There's also a dining room off the lobby that hosts parties and has a modest board game cabinet with a few pizza- and movie-themed games. We went to see Wreck-It Ralph, a great movie and a perfect fit for the venue, which has a similar vibe to Litwik's.

We ordered our food just before the film. The folks fixed our sodas and put a fresh pot of decaf on, and sent us into the theater. When they brought out the coffee (in Christmas mugs) they caught us getting all weepy at the short feature "Paperman." A little bit later the pizzas arrived.

The pizzas were very good, with homemade medium-thick crust and fresh toppings. The "cheeseburger deluxe" tasted like a cheeseburger, right down to the pickle discs. There was ample cracked black pepper, too, which made it interesting. Rose found it a little too interesting, but JM liked it a lot.

John raved about the veggie pizza, which was loaded "wall to wall" with mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives, and onions. Two 14" pies yielded plenty of leftovers, too.

This was just an amazing deal - $60 for pizza & movie for 4 - and a really fun night out. So fun, in fact, we went back a few weeks later to see the Hobbit and try the popcorn and some sammies. The verdict: those bucket seats are still resonably comfy after 166 minutes, and the popcorn had just the faintest suggestion of coconut oil. Delicious.



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