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In a word: Boom Boom.

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7062 Mineral Point Rd., 53717
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JM ate some cheesecake frozen yogurt with peanut butter candies.
Nichole ate some peach and vanilla frozen yogurt with mochi, boba, and gummis.
The bill was $7, or $3.50/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave CherryBerry a B+ (see our grading rubric).

CherryBerry toppingsCherryBerry is one of several self-serve froyo places to pop up in Madison in 2012. This one caters largely to West Memorial (thanks, JSE!) high school students, situated as it is on Mineral Point Rd. across from West Towne. The inside is cheery indeed, with lime green and cherry red glossy fixtures, and when we went it was shiny and clean, almost surgical.

The staff gave us a quick rundown (grab your bowl, fill 'er up, reckon up with the cashier). There were about a dozen flavors of frozen yogurt and sorbet, arranged in complementary pairs such as vanilla and peach for sound swirling. A wall of dry topping dispensers included candy toppings like M&M's, Reeses Pieces, and breakfast cereals. A chilled buffet of fruits and sticky candies followed. It was all laid out very sensibly and since we didn't take the generous capacity of the cardboard "bowls" as a suggested serving size, we did OK on price and quantity. Our two filling servings came to a little less than the price of a single banana split at Michael's.


Since that visit, Nichole's caught herself thinking about those chewy mini-mochi balls and the snappy boba pearls, and would willingly go back. Now, we haven't got the data for a full comparison of froyo places yet, but CherryBerry was a pleasant experience probably somewhere in the average range for its type.


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Surely you mean Memorial High School -- West HS, despite its name, is much farther east.

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