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Capital Creamery

Capital CreameryUpdate 8/16/13 12/19/13: Capital Creamery is closed for the season.

In a word: Not much different than Culver's, except for the root beer.

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710 Janesville St., Oregon 53573
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JM ate the chicken fingers and fries with a root beer.
John ate grilled chicken sandwich and onion rings.
Nichole ate the chicken dumpling soup and a Chocolate Elvis sundae.
Rose ate the cheeseburger.
We split a banana split and took a pint of hazelnut chocolate custard home.
The bill was about $8/person, plus tip.
JM, John, and Nichole gave Capital Creamery an A-; Rose gave Capital Creamery a B+ (see our grading rubric).


Capital Creamery in Oregon is something pretty special and quite familiar.  It has the feel of a Culver's like it might have been back when it was just in Sauk, or an old A&W rootbeer stand with a standard drive-thru instead of car service.  On the night we stopped, a brisk trade carried patrons in and out, both at the small counter and via the outside lane. 

CheburgerThe food, such as it is, seems to be some mix of handcrafted and institutional.  The burger patties are probably hand shaped, but the buns are made off-site and fries and chicken tenders most certainly come from a bag.  Everything on our plates was quite tasty: the burger was a good lean one with no accoutrements requested, the chicken sandwich well-prepared while the cut of chicken was middle-of-the-road, the chicken tenders delightfully brown but standard.  Nichole's soup was also hearty but not phenomenal; the onion rings were a little overdone but fine for their type.

Banana splitChocolate Elvis

Custard for dessert is nothing we Wisconsinites take for granted, and the Elvis sundae and the banana split both were quite delicious, though Madison has some better custard stands in general. 

No, the real reason to make the trip to Oregon is the 1919 Root Beer. This creamy, mild, and vanilla-rich craft concoction from Minnesota is available only on tap, and the brewers have  PRed the scarcity into a certain kind of hip cache (though, as of this writing, 1919 isn't even sure which Cheesehead restaurants serve their suds). We'd only ever found it in Woodman prior to this stop, and had no idea until we got to Capital Creamery that they, too, served it. It's not even on the drive-thru menu. To paraphrase Dr. Strangelove, the whole point of serving 1919 is lost if you keep it a secret!

Capital Creamery has some novel food items and fairly large menu, though it lacks solid vegetarian options (there are some salads). The trip is worth it depending on your value of 1919 Root Beer and your desire for small-town charm is equal parts with your fast food experience.  We'll be back.


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When you go back you must get the Salted Caramel Shake! Heavenly good!

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