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Callahan's Sports Pub

Callahan's Sports PubIn a word: May not be first on our list, but certainly better than expected.

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1902 Bartillon Dr., 53704
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JM ate the BBQ chicken bacon cheese sandwich with curly fries and a lemonade.
Nichole ate the special burger with potato salad and a Shirley Temple.
The bill was $20, or $10/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Callahan's Sports Pub a B+ (see our grading rubric).

It's just stupid that we hadn't been to Callahan's yet. It's a perfectly cormulent, locally-owned sports pub. Plus, it's easy to bike to, being just moments off the Starkweather Creek path. That said it's too close to Lazy Oaf and the new Ale Asylum for us to say we'd actively seek it out when in the neighborhood.

Menu and sodas

Shirley Temples are fun (if obnoxious and fussy) and this one had a good dollop of grenadine. The pink lemonade was tart & strong.

The menu is a quite well put-together combination of sports bar favorites. There's a page of mostly fried apps, and a handful of salads, sandwiches, and pizzas, plus burgers and fried chicken, fish and shrimp dinners. The prices are great - most meals ring in at about $8 and a number of lunch specials are in the $5-6 range.


And for our $8 each, we got some fancy stuff. The burger special via Accidental Hedonist's burger rubric:

  • Bun: pretzel, baby. Unevenly toasted but warm & sturdy.
  • Meat: hefty patty of juicy, medium-well beef.
  • Bun/meat ratio: Good.
  • Cheese: Havarti that melted over the spinach-artichoke mix and bound it together tidily.
  • Misc.: Though the toppings were heavy on the dairy and the whole thing had the potential to go down like a brick, the burger was surprisingly light. Served with a leaf of lettuce. About a 7 of 10 for its style.

BBQ chicken bacon cheese

JM's chicken sandwich was hot right off the grill.  Each mouthful was like molten poultry.  But once it had settle down, it turned out to be very good.  The chix was moist and the cheddar and bacon pulled their weight without being dominant. 

As for sides, the curly fries were standard but the house potato salad was excellent: red potatoes with some skin still on, a mayo/mustard dressing, and just enough onion for a really fresh taste.

So between locking up our bikes (on a light pole, because the bike rack was next to the kitchen door & the staff picnic table) and paying our bill, JM's opinion of Callahan's changed 180 degrees. We'd been a little trepidacious about the place, but found it was a fine spot for an enjoyable sportypub meal, even on this post-Badger game day.


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I appreciate the effort to embiggen my vocabulus, but I believe that cormulent is actually spelled "cromulent". I try to keep up on various nomenclati, and other such verbiation.

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