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Cafe O

In a word: Psalms 136:25.

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611 Langdon St., 53703
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JM ate the Mendota Melt (tuna & cheddar) with coleslaw.
Nichole ate the Shalom Sconnie (falafel) with a cup of matzo ball soup.
The bill was $14, or $7/person, plus tip.
JM gave Cafe O a B+; Nichole gave Cafe O a B (see our grading rubric).

Cafe O is a kosher cafe on the ground floor of UW Hillel. They've got breakfast, lunch and coffee-shop items. We chained our trips and went for lunch after our "stop" at Cafe Atrio.

Shalom Sconnie

The Mendota Melt of tuna and cheese was OK. The tomatoes and lettuce in the falafel wrap were fresh, but the falafel balls were bland and sort of dry. The matzo ball soup seemed to have a nice blend of fresh and dried herbs, and one heck of a nice matzo ball, but was also undersalted and suffered from tinny-tasting onions. Which is to say, the onions had that sort of metallic note that can come from being chopped and stored a little too long, and not that they came from a can.

Mendota Melt

JM actually enjoyed this tuna and cheddar quite a bit (since he was unable to order a ham and cheese).  Its was delightfully chewy and the tuna was neither too fishy, nor overrun by the fine cheddar and good tomato. The slaw, though, wanted for some spicier intervention. 

So, they have Belly (a loyalty-card program that has Nichole hooked), the space is lovely and airy, and the staff are menschen (they brought our tray out to the patio!). We'd go back but we'd probably try some different dishes.


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