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Burger King

In a word: We had it our way.

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JM ate the Whopper Jr. with cheese, Original Chicken sandwich add cheese and a Chick'n Crisp.
Nichole ate the Whopper meal with a mocha shake.
The bill was like $14.
JM gave Burger King an A-; Nichole gave Burger King a C (see our grading rubric).

Burger King

JM worked at Burger King for four summers and the odd winter between collegiate years.  He remembers quite fondly the summer he spent almost every day holding Specialty Board, keeping chicken and fish sandwiches churning out and fry baskets at the ready.  Despite having worked there, JM has continued to prefer Burger King food to its closest rivals.  The quality and quantity of topping for sandwiches is his primary reason.

Nichole mostly eschews fast food save for delicious french fries when the mood strikes.  But for a meal she choose a Whopper sans mayo and lettuce.  The Whopper comes with pickles, ketchup, onion and tomato as well, and those were the toppings she wanted.  As for the burger, it was fine.  It was a burger from Burger King.

JM got some of his standards: Whopper Jr. with cheese (better topping:meat ratio), Original Chicken sandwich add cheese (his favorite) and a Chick'n Crisp (a currently available fried chicken sandwich for those who may not want to eat a whole big chicken sandwich).  He, of course, knew what all of these sandwiches tasted like before he got them and he was not disappointed.

Burger King carries shakes, Icees, Big Fish, Bacon Double cheeseburgers, onion rings, breakfast sandwiches and, of course, Whopper products.  It will remain a common choice for us, because JM loves it so. 


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