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Brat und Brau

In a word: Fein, if a little underwhelming.

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18 Brodhead St., Mazomanie, 53560
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Elizabeth ate the grilled cheese basket with cottage fries.
JM ate the grilled chicken sandwich with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the single brat with cottage fries.
Todd ate the Brau Burger.
We split some cheese curds, onion straws and the free popcorn.
The bill was about $7/person, plus tip.
We all gave Brat und Brau a B (see our grading rubric).

We gather from reading the internets that Brat und Brau once existed on Regent St., where Lucky's is now. Anyone have a good story about the first one?

Anyway, the new Brat und Brau in Mazo is a speedy service place where you can fill out your order on a paper menu, drop it off and pay at the counter, and have a mess of Essen brought to you in a jiffy. In the meantime, there's free popcorn!

The Sheboygan brat was served on a toasted bun. It was grill-out perfect: a little charred but very juicy and still snappy.


There are no non-meat items on the menu, but you can ask for a grilled cheese and get a fine specimen of buttery white bread and ample American slices. "It does what it does," was Elizabeth's verdict, if we understood correctly.

Grilled cheese

The plain grilled chicken sandwich was a good vehicle for condiments. The condiment station was well-appointed with mustard, ketchup, kraut, chopped onions and more. Likewise the Brau Burger was serviceable.

Chicken sandwich

As for sides, we were underwhelmed. The onion straws were overly salty, and the tater-tot-shaped cheese curds were rubbery. When we were most of the way through our basket, the staff came over and asked us about the curds - not whether we liked them, but whether the cheese was orange or white. Hm. The cottage fries were probably the best of the sides, crisp outside and smooth potato inside.

We sadly can't speak much to the beer selection, as we weren't paying enough attention, nor is their Brau list posted online.

It certainly seems like B&B is doing a fine trade in Mazo.


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There was also a B&B at the corner of 51 and 151, a long time ago. I remember coming when I was a kid - every time we made the big trek to Madison (all the way from the Dells!), we'd stop there for lunch. I have no recollection of the food, other than loving the fact that I could get a whole pile of pickles from the condiment bar.

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