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Big Apple Bagels Xpress

Big Apple Bagels at the Liberty StationIn a word: Xpress yourself.

The specs: #00791  
1354 N. Bird St., Sun Prairie, 53590
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JM ate the Big Apple Club on a cheddar bagel with chips and a fountain drink.
Nichole ate the smoked turkey and havarti on a sesame bagel.
The bill was $15, or $7.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Big Apple Bagels a B+; Nichole gave Big Apple Bagels a B (see our grading rubric).

The Big Apple Bagels Xpress in Liberty Station, across the parking lot from Buck & Honey's, is the only BAB Xpress in Wisconsin as of our visit and this writing.

Flavor fusion!Relish-colored soda

We ordered from the gas station staff & sat at one of the 3 small tables near the coolers. They've got one of those combinatoric soda fountains that is kind of fun, plus smaller cubes of ice (no, they are not dice, though the icon on the button appears D6-ive). JM crafted a combo of lemon-line syrup, Sprite and Mountain Dew that looked disconcertingly like pickle relish.


Food was up quick. The sandwiches were decent, very filling and fresh for under $6. (Nichole took half home.) The sliced meats did tend to slide around on their toasted,  yet soft, bready escorts; the tomatoes were sad but the lettuce was good.

On the staff-recommended smoked turkey & havarti, the onion and chive cream cheese flavor dominated. JM's ham, turkey, bacon, and American cheese club was as good a gas station ham and cheese he's ever had.

Indeed, it seems a shame that this would be as remote as it is, because as a work lunch stop, it'd be ideal to pick-up a bagel sammy and a convenience store snack. Sadly, Milio's seems to have this market locked down. BAB Xpress would also be a welcome travel stop. Plus they cater, something we wish we'd known when we had the ear of the Party Planning Committee at an office in American Center Business Park.


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