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Bakers Window

Update 2: Bakers Window is reopen under new staff.
Update: Bakers Window is closed.

In a word: Pretty great bakery, especially in downtown environs.

The specs: #00789  
122 State St., 53703
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JM and Nichole ate a baguette, a rhubarb tart, and pain au chocolat.
The bill was $12, or $6/person, plus tip.
JM gave Bakers Window an A-; Nichole gave Bakers Window an A (see our grading rubric).

Bakers Window is in the storefront next to Fountain at the top of State Street. They offer country loaves, baguettes, pastries, and chocolate truffles daily.

Officially, we ate a pain au chocolat, a flaky pastry with dark chocolate distributed equally all the way through, which is a rare plus. Also a rhubarb tart, the chopped stalks redder than anything we've been able to grow, caramelized with brown sugar and cradled in a flaky, crimped shell. Also a baguette, which was just enough crusty goodness, though the lackadaisical packaging (a single twist of Crate & Barrel deli paper) might not make for the best transport in crosstown traffic.

Pictures, we slacked off on. Here's the chocolate croissant, baguette, and a bit of the Toll House tube that went into a traditional birthday cookie. Judge all you want but JM likes it.

Baker's Window

On an earlier, unofficial visit, Nichole found out that she liked Bakers Window apple pie very much, though not as well as the Nook's, and Althouse is on record that it was not her style. This all might have something to do with context.


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Your pain au chocolat sounds heavenly what with the dark chocolate nicely distributed all the way through. The ones I've had so far always lacks in chocolate--either it's so thin or not the evenly distributed.

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