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"A to Z What You Did There"

Announcing our next project:

The bloggers at Eating in Madison A to Z are pleased to announce a forthcoming book.  Many people have asked us if the blog would lead up to a book, so we thought about it and came to some conclusions:

  • There's no use in putting out a dining guide. With one in every 5 places closing, there's not much point turning our pixels into pulp.
  • No one really wants to read a story of our life for the last 8 years. Mega TL;DR (reference to Internet meme: "too long; didn't read.") Short version: our off-blog life has kind of sucked.
  • A book about something other than the blog would be unlikely to find readership with the blog readers. (JM's screenplay about very boring space travel, cowritten with John, remains unoptioned.)
  • We should probably shut our playboy mouths (reference to song: Lady Gaga's Just Dance).

So we decided in a flash of brilliance that we would totally write an awesome reference book of a different kind!

Introducing: A TO Z WHAT YOU DID THERE by Eating in Madison A to Z.

This book will be an authoritative reference work that will list all of the cultural touchstones in our blog. Sometimes you will be reading along and you'll say: "Gee, that's an odd way to say that. I wonder if it is a reference to something." Chances are, it is.

So, now you can find all of the Douglas Adams, Nelly, and Kids in the Hall references lurking just beneath the surface, in addition to puns, plays on words, board game titles and rules, and everything else that you'd need to know in order to make sure that every joke works every time (reference to commercial: Billy Dee Williams for Colt 45).

Sample page (pdf):

A to Z What You Did There sample page

With a foreword by Layne Mosier (Taxi Gourmet), introduction by Kate Hopkins (Accidental Hedonist), and afterword by Jonathan Gold (who we still need to ask, but we're sure he'll do it), it's a must-read.

The book will be launched as a Kickstarter project at $39.99. Print, ebook and audiobook (listen to an mp3 sample) versions will be available in late April. We already have book signings and readings in the works - just waiting on a few folks to call us back - so check later for times and dates.

The only other stuff we have left to do is to apply for an ISBN and ISTC, get the PCIP done - ahem, Nichole! - finish the layout, and write the rest of the book, but we promise all orders will be filled on time. Also, we want WPLC and local libraries to buy lots and lots of copies, and put "Local Author" stickers on them, so be sure to lobby your librarians!

Reserve your copy of A TO Z WHAT YOU DID THERE today! It really is something other than else (reference to telvision show: Monty Python's Flying Circus - Expedition to Lake Pahoe).  You need this book; there's no better complement to the hours you have spent poring over our unrivaled Madison food scene coverage.

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Love this!

Maybe its cause I didn't read this post until April 6, but I thought it was real the first time I read it. Kind of liked the sample page, though was debating in my mind if a humor type book like that was worth $39.99.

DUH, its an April FOOLS joke [obviously on me], so good job and well done :)

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