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FairShare recipe test: Elote

Notes from testing a recipe for FairShare CSA Coalition's latest cookbook. Buy "Farm-Fresh & Fast" here.

Elote is Mexican corn on the cob. It's a perfect, simple summer side.

Mix up some grated cheese with paprika (smoked if you got it) and cayenne to taste. The first time we used shredded Parmesan (silly) but cotija's probably best - find it at Mexican groceries or near the tortillas at Woodman's. Add salt if you have a salt tooth or really sweet corn. Smear some real mayo on one side of a plate. Spread out the cheese/spice mix on the other side.

Roll pieces of boiled/grilled corn on the cob first in the mayo, then in the cheese.


Eat it right away.


With tacos.

Taco dinner

On the second try, the cojita proved perfect. A sour cream/mayo mix with a dash of lime juice was tasty.

Better elote

Bonus - refrigerator-pickled onions for tacos:

Grab a big glass jar and stuff it full of sliced red onions, jalapeños (remove seeds if you want to reduce the spiciness, but the pickling really does take a lot of the heat out), some cumin and oregano, a couple bay leaves, a few peppercorns and maybe half a cinnamon stick. In a saucepan, bring some vinegar, sugar or honey, and a dash of salt just to a boil and pour into the jar over the vegetables. Let cool a little bit, put on a lid, and refrigerate.

After a day or so it's a good taco/sandwich garnish, and it will keep refrigerated for about a month (probably longer but the texture suffers). This general technique also works OK with harder vegetables like cauliflower and carrot planks if you steam them a bit first. Experiment.


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