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A & W All-American Food

People have asked us what's next for A to Z. This post represents part of that answer.  This is our first post on the "Wheel," our own list of places that includes resturants omitted or new since we finished the first list. There will be no make-ups, only more trips around the wheel, until we decide to quit.

In a word: Average & Worth It.

The specs: #00780  
4505 Lake Circle, Windsor, WI 53598
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JM ate the 21 shrimp & fries dinner with a root beer.
Nichole ate the cod sandwich with cheese curds.
We split a peanut butter brownie crunch sundae.
The bill was $15, or $7.50/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave A & W All-American Food a C+ (see our grading rubric).

Root beerSo A&W makes pretty fine root beer, and to eat at one of their root beer stands is to have unlimited access to that ambrosia on tap, in a chilled mug, with free refills. Their formula is very sweet and made mellow by vanilla and without much carbonation.  It is also replete with nostalgia for JM and his recollection of the drive-in A&W in Whitehall.  They had telephones where you would call in our order to the kitchen.  Seriously, every table had a phone!

The food was no so great on our visit, but it was a good value. We got a cod sandwich (toasted, buttered bun, American cheese, and lava-hot breaded fish patty) and the shrimp basket (slightly squishy cocktail-sized breaded crustaceans over thin-cut fries).

The cheese curds were as good as Culvers'. We're glad we did our reading at chzcurds.com, so we knew to get a box. Pretty tasty.

A&W dinner

The big downside is the trip to the far north side of town, which is a trek for most. But for those who wish to drown their troubles in root beer, A&W doesn't miss.


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I drive by this place on the interstate and have said, "I am going to stop there next time," about 50 times. This review might actually get me to stop. A&W reminds me of being a kid.

The drive-in up in Whitehall is truly great. I was lucky enough to stumble across the place on a work trip several years back. I was just up there two weeks ago but unfortunately had to leave for another appointment before they opened for lunch.

Why the heck did you go to A&W and order fish & seafood?!? They're burgers are better than Culver's, and their fries are the bomb (you know, for fast food). Booooo on the review.

Thanks for the tip! We avoided red meat to observe Lent.

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