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Zoe's Pizzeria

Zoe's PizzeriaIn a word: The good stuff up nort'.

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Anne, JM, John, John, Mark, Nichole, Rose, Sue and 2 kids ate 5-14" pizzas: cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian, mush/on/green pepper, and Zoe's white pizza, plus two appetizer samplers and two Caesar salads.
Nichole and JM sneakily got two desserts for themselves, a slice of chocolate cake and a slice of strawberry cheesecake.
The bill was about $100 plus tip.
JM, John S., and Nichole gave Zoe's Pizzeria a B+; Mark, Rose and Sue gave Zoe's Pizzeria B (see our grading rubric).

Going to Zoe's was exhilarating because it meant starting the last letter.  It also was easy to find as it was where Cimino's was in Waunakee.  We also knew that this meant carry-out, which we did, bringing dinner back to the folks who've eaten with us the most.

Appetizer sampler

The appetizer sampler was presented prettily. Each item was light and enjoyable, especially the simple, puffy garlic knots. These were the best knotted dough we'd had served to us on A to Z. Parm-dusted breadsticks, garlic bread, and mozz cheese bread rounded out the combo. The Caesar salads were also quite fresh and generously portioned.

PepperoniCheese pizzaHawaiian

We got five different pizzas. Most were pretty straightforward: the pepperoni had the right amount of spice, the cheese was properly blistery, and the Hawaiian balanced the salty ham and sweet sauce and pineapple well. The crusts were crunchy enough and chewy when requested.

Mushroom/onion/pepperZoe's White Pizza

The veggie made a very tasty cold breakfast, quoth Sue. The best of the bunch was the signature Zoe's white pie, a mix of chicken, oilve oil and garlic that went great on the sturdier-than-average crust.


Nichole and JM were all sneaky about trying Zoe's desserts. We'd do it again. The chocolate cake was so moist and rich, and the strawberry cheesecake the perfect balance of tart and sweet, that we'd eat it in the parking lot. So, yeah, we Waunago.


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