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Yes Buffet

Yes BuffetIn a word: Just say "Buffet."

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Anne, Elizabeth, Greg, JM, Jesse, John, John, John, Jordan, Jordan, Jennifer, Lisa, Marlena, Nichole, Phil, Rose, Toby, Trish and 5 kids ate at the buffet.
The bill was $9/person (less for kids), plus tip.
2 kids gave Yes Buffet an A; one kid gave Yes Buffet a B; Elizabeth, Jennifer, JM and Toby gave Yes Buffet a B-; Marlena and Nichole gave Yes Buffet a C+; Lisa and Trish gave Yes Buffet a C; Anne gave Yes Buffet a C-; John S. gave Yes Buffet a D+; John K. gave Yes Buffet a D- (see our grading rubric).

We had always wanted to have a party at some restaurant as we approached Z, but such a party proved impractical with the locations that were left. So, with a little forethought, we got a big group together for a Mr. Y mystery tour. Our captives this time got to eat at a whole letter (namely Y).

The first of this pair was Yes Buffet, which will have to stand in for the now shuttered Yummy.

Counter at Yes Buffet

Marlena noticed that the staff were very friendly and seemed pleased at the size of our group. Most of our party found the space cleaner than average, though the restrooms were questionable.

The kids in our group seemed to enjoy Yes Buffet the most. Some were new to the "buffet" concept and were wowed by the selection. They also liked the koi tank, and it was sweet that the hostess noticed their fascination and took the time to feed the fish just for the kids' enjoyment. Most of the kids tried the pizza (which was "about as good as school pizza and not as good as Pizza Brutta.")

The grownups commented on the wide selection, too, but not everything was worth trying. Elizabeth noticed the paucity of vegetarian choices. Among the best dishes were siu mai, bao, egg drop and hot and sour soups, BBQ chicken, pepper chicken ("liked the jalapeños!" quoth Jennifer), mushroom curry, and, of course, those little sugar donuts.

Trish and John K. found the flavors pretty monotonous, especially in the chicken dishes. Jennifer tried a bite each of General Tso's, Sesame Chicken and Honey Chicken, and they all tasted soggy and similar. Trish tried a piece of sushi just to see; it was grocery-store quality at best. At least three of our group expressed outright dislike of American Chinese food and/or buffets on principle, but still found something to like, even if it was only those little sugar donuts.

Marlena was tickled that they spelled donuts "dounuts." Other desserts were welcome, too. Jordan said "something told me that a small bowl of chocolate pudding would make a good palate cleanser for a Chinese meal, and something was right."

We probably won't be saying "Yes" again anytime soon, but it was fun.

Buffet plateCold bar


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I was so excited to be part of this! Thanks again for organizing.

The "dounuts" thing would be *hilarious* if they turned out to be made from soybeans.

this place is CLOSED as of 6/9/13

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