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Egg & I

In a word: ...and the ecstasy.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Eat Drink Madison, 77 Square; official web site, The Egg & I on Urbanspoon

Latest Egg & I news and reviews

JM ate the French toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon.
Nichole ate the spinach bacon mushroom omelette with ranch potatoes, raisin toast and a coffee.
The bill was $22, or $11/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Egg & I a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Dedicated to our friends and family far away, especially in Colorado, from where the Egg & I hails (and where we first ate at one). The video is included so you can sing along; viewer discretion advised.

It's been a long time since we came around
Been a long time, Egg & I's in town
Next time we're not eating without you
Like an OPH spannin' from coast to coast
They serve breakfast, lunch and raisin toast
Next time we're not eating without you

Raisin toast

We'll sit back down where we belong
In the corner, grab a booth, get our pancakes on
Sit right down on a bench where we
Can laugh, shoot the breeze and slurp coffee

There's something about these eggs (butter! butter!)
Something about yellow yolks in a sauce of Hollandaise
Something about a Colorado chain
Yeah something about, baby, Egg & I

Omelet and ranch potatoes

It's been 5 years since we Egg & I'd
Cottage Cafe is better than the stuff we tried, but
Mex-inflected brekkers have a place in someone's heart
On your birthday you might get a song when you go
And if you like chives, get the ranch potatoes
Next time we're not eating without you
Ooh-oh ooh-oh

Let's sit back down where we belong
At a table with some food and good music on
Sit back down and get our faves:
French toast or ham and cheese with a lemonade

French toast, eggs, bacon

There's something about this one (Two five! Oh one!)
Something about good people & jobs for Allied-Dunn
Something just south of the Beltline at Todd Drive
Yeah something about, baby, Egg & I

Egg & I
Egg, Egg & I
Egg, Egg & I
Egg, Egg & I, I
Egg & I
Egg, Egg & I
Oh yeah, so hard to decide
At Egg, Egg & I

Put your mugs up!

(Ham Solo)

It's not a whole lot of money, just a little dent
'Cause you can't always brunch at Sardine yet
They got three red sauces served tableside
They're ketchup and Tabasco and "I-Yi-Yi!!!"

Something about this phase
(Almost eight whole years)
We're Wisconsin eaters born to get lists done
Some folks thought we'd never make it past the Js
Something about just knowing that we're close
So put your mugs up for friendship
For friendship, and family, we miss you

Egg & I
Egg, Egg & I
Baby, get what you want fried
At Egg & I
Egg & I
Egg, Egg & I
Or try the lighter side
At Egg & I

It’s been a long time since we came around
Been a long time, but we're Z-ward bound
And next time we're not eating without you.


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Awesome review as song lyrics!!!
How long did that take to write [guess I just don't think that way].

PS: In a word: SHOULD BE ...and the EGGstasy.

Guess I'm too old for Lady Gaga. I thought of the 1947 Fred MacMurry movie "The Egg and I" when I saw the name.

Love you guys! I read the restaurant name and thought...wait a minute--they have that here in CO! Now I know why it has been taking you so long between turns in Carcassonne, N! ;) Happy Holidays!

I'm not usually a chain restaurant fan, but we were pleasantly surprised by this place. Huge menu, for one thing...and the food wasn't bad, either.....

That is one brilliant review.

Love this review!

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