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Post-V pause for Bike the Barns update

We did it.

Pre-breakfast, name-dropping edition: UFC sausage, Pecatonica eggs, Roxbury Tavern jalapeño ketchup, Water House Foods asiago toast, Alterra Blue Heeler with Organic Valley whole milk, homegrown watermelon.

Pre-breakfast breakfast

Breakfast: parfait slot machine. "I got a cherry!" "I got a blueberry!" "I got rhubarb-rhubarb-strawberry."

Morning snack: croissants, chocolate milk, apples near photogenic bikes.

Turq trike

LunchLunch: open-faced sandwiches (beef or - guessing - Hook's Sweet Constantine) with wheatberry/beet salad, roast eggplant, three-bean salad and greens.

Dinner: beef and pork tacos, fresh salsa, carrot & cabbage slaw, beer, root beer floats.

But we didn't do it alone - thanks are in order to the people who offered encouragement and support, those who grew, provided and cooked the food, those who planned and organized for months, those who pledged us and the Carrot Cruiser, those who hoped for good weather, those who brought dry clothes when the weather didn't cooperate,  those who rode alongside us after that Highway Unicorn, those who rode double to ensure we all made it safely, those who complimented the radio, those who raised a ton of money for Partner Shares, and those who sponsored the whole shebang. 

Taco snack plate & beerWater bottle root beer float

After everything, experience is all we have and these folks made this experience worth every one of the 101 kilometers.


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There it is! The mug! I just love those smiling lemons. Congratulations on biking the barns!

Congratulations on finishing the ride! We were there also, and if you were the folks with the radio, we were definitely riding near you as we approached the lunch stop at Wholesome Harvest! The music made us smile. I'll be writing about our experience on tomorrow's Dining and Opining post.

Congratulations on finishing the ride, the food looks amazing, I am happy you had fun.

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