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Osaka House

In a word: We never gave Osaka an even break.

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JM ate the tempura chicken.
Nichole ate the chirashi.
The bill was $34, or $17/person, plus delivery and tip.
JM and Nichole gave a Osaka House a C+ (see our grading rubric).

Osaka House delivery dinnerOur first encounter with Osaka House was via the Interwebs, when Dane101 broke the news that Sushi Hut was being transformed into a new creature. It felt like we'd just been there.

Maybe that's why we made the fatal and unfair-to-Osaka-House misstep of ordering in. Maybe it was the Groupon for campusfood/allmenus.com (which the third-party delivery websites didn't accept), maybe it was because we thought delivery sushi can't be weirder than truck stop sushi, or maybe it was just that we were tired and hungry and wanted to eat dinner at home.

It didn't end well. Let's be clear: we know we can't tell good sushi from poor sushi, even if it bit us right back, so there's basically not a lof of value in our opinion. As far as we could tell, Osaka House did well. The order was correct, and included more soup, salad and rice than we expected. The delivery was on time, but when we realized that the delivery person was not a college kid but rather the hostess herself, dressed elegantly and perfectly poised, we nearly died of shame for pulling her away from the restaurant for a paltry meal for two.

ChirashiThe food itself was also hard to judge fairly because of the travel time. Let's just say the chicken flesh was a bit dry, though the tempura coating remained crisp due to thoughtful scoring of the plastic lid, which let the steam escape. And the chirashi, four portions of fish on radish ribbons and sesame-seed-studded rice, was a bit warm and chewy.

In the land of Madison sushi, there are other places we think we'd rather go, and that does count for something. For us, anyway.


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