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Jade Mountain Coffee & Tea

In a word: Scaleable.

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JM ate the ham, turkey and cheese panino with a juice box.
Nichole ate the chicken dumplings with a decaf Americano.
We split a Stella's hot spicy cheese roll.
The bill was $18, or $9/person, plus tip.
JM gave Jade Mountain Coffee & Tea a B+; Nichole gave Jade Mountain Coffee & Tea an A- (see our grading rubric).

Jade Mountain on Johnson St. near North is chill & clean inside, with new furnishings but a relaxed atmosphere. The bookshelf was stocked with Go and other games, manga, and a chalkboard for the kids. They serve True Coffee and adorable three-bite desserts, and the calorie content of each entree is listed next to its price on the menu board.

Stella's hot spicy cheese bread (mini)We got a warmed-up mini Stella's Hot Spicy Cheese Bread roll for starters. We'd never seen one in the wild before but they would make for an interesting burger bun (not at Jade Mountain, but elsewhere, just sayin').

We got the pot stickers with chicken. A cabbage-only version is also available. They were very juicy. A side of thick, sweet soy-based sauce came on the side. While the stickers were a bit too well-done, inside they were very juicy.

We got a grilled ham, turkey and cheese panino (#64). This was a tasty sandwich without much pretension, but good ingredients. The sandwich was not too dry despite being full of turkey. Those nutty fried vegetable-starch crisp tubes came with it.

Ham, turkey and cheese with veggie crispsPotstickers

Jade Mountain is a breath of fresh air, and we'd stop back if we were in the area.


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The mini Stella's are available at Miller's in Verona.

Of course, they usually have them over at Stella's bakery on Syene Rd, too...

I can't believe you didn't try their bubble tea! This is the last place to get bubble tea in Madison, as far as I know. And it's real tea, not the crazy flavor syrup combos you could get at that bubble tea place in that building that replaced U4. The people who work here are also very sweet. They always look really glad to see you. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I love this place and don't want it to close!

MINI spicy cheese bread!?!?! We're obsessed.

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