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Village Bar

In a word: There's not much to report.

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JM ate the cheeseburger with fries and a lemonade.
Nichole ate the liver sausage sandwich with a Hopalicious.
Ron ate the steak sandwich with fries and a diet Coke.
The bill was about $6/person, plus tip.
JM gave Village Bar a B; Nichole gave Village Bar a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Village Bar, down at the end of Speedway, goes nuts when there's golf on. Somebody (that Wisconsin guy?) hit a good shot in some tourney or other at 5:30 on July 10 and the place whooped and hollered like nobody's business. It was kind of awesome. Meanwhile, we ate some sandwiches at a table that doubled as a PEZ dispenser museum, which was at least as amusing as anything in Ella's tables.


The menu at Village Bar has not changed in decades. There are about 7 meat and cheese sandwiches to choose from. (Vegetarians, abandon all hope, you will only find a cheese plate, fries and beer - all that and a bag of chips.) Ron upgraded from a burger to a steak sandwich when he saw that, at under $6, it was the most expensive thing on the menu, and satisfying to boot.

JM's cheeseburger was as standard as they come in the rest of the US, which means that it was a little underwhelming in Madison.  The pickles were nice and crispy but just plain ol' bun, cheese, and burger was a bit boring. Since most folks don't come here for the food, but the camaraderie, it's okay.

Nichole's liver sausage sandwich was four delicious pieces slightly browned and stacked on a hard roll (60 cent upgrade from the soft bun = totally worth it) - made her want to run to the Red Cross to take advantage of a healthy iron level.

We all liked the brown mustard (as opposed to plain old yellow) that was on the tables by default. The fries were fine.

Village Bar closes early on Sundays, and right after the game the crowd thinned out quickly. We went home and had some ice cream. It was a good day.


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That sounds awesome. I love a good, cheap sandwich. And brown mustard. I'll try to go during a sporting event!

I've had a brat there after golf league and it was awesome, I like their crispy fries alot. Great hangout!

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