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Dandelion (cart)

Update: Dandelion is out of business.

In a word: Vegetarian, serves vegetables.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Farmers Market Vegan, Isthmus and again, Yelp, VegGuide; chatter at TDPF.

Latest Dandelion news and reviews

We split a side of vegetables and a peanut butter cup.
JM had a Blue Sky ginger ale. 
The bill was $4  plus tip.
JM gave Dandelion a C; Nichole gave Dandelion a B+ (see our grading rubric).

We met up with four companions on Library Mall at high noon intending to try Caracas and Dandelion in one go, but we didn't know that Caracas doesn't run on Mondays and Dandelion was present but closed. Not being so list-fixated that we'd forgo a lively lunch, and sort of relieved that we could focus on the company and not the food, we gathered eats from elsewhere (Skip to Surco, Megan to Kakilima, JM to Hibachi Hut, and Chris and Nichole to Athens).

By the time we got back to the table, Dandelion had opened and a long line had formed. So we got a side of vegetables and a peanut butter cup for dessert.

PB cup and sodaSide of vegetables

Dandelion's primary feature is, of course, that it's vegan. The "side of vegetables" is a meal in itself. It may vary, but today it was a bed of spinach with cucumbers, carrots, excellent tomatoes, parsley, edamame, radishes, and most surprisingly, a healthy scoop of brown rice. Everyone marveled at the extremely fresh, blemish-free, cool, ripe vegetables; add a sesame oil dressing and you have yourself more than a side salad for just $2.50. In a vegetarian place, it is nice to see a solid investment in vegetables as well as meat substitutes.

The peanut butter cup was awesome. The dark chocolate layers were thick around a smooth and sweet peanut butter center, all in a tidy paper wrapper that reminded us of a paper nut cup. Until Monty's jumped the cart with donuts, etc., Library Mall didn't offer many sweets other than smoothies and the occasional almond cookie, but this two-bite confection really raises the bar.

So Dandelion, we are sorry. We know we didn't really give you a fair shake. But when the next cart on the list is MIA maybe we can make it back.


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If you go back, PLEASE try the sweet potato wrap. It is the reason I so greatly miss the Dandelion's presence up on the square. Also, unless it's changed from when it was at the capitol, it's not all vegan- some of it is vegetarian but can contain cheese.

I have to say, I'm not a fan of vegan food but you guys really gave this place an uncharacteristically unfair review. A side salad and a peanut butter cup leading to a C rating? Disappointed in your dereliction of duty on this one... You owe them a revised review.

Hooray for nut cups! Nut cups forever! Nuts to anything that isn't a nut cup!
I want to go to Dandelion now, based solely on the photo of the food.

I'm always intrigued by your reviews--not because they're good, but because the reason for giving grades are mysterious. What exactly is the reason for giving this place a C or B+? Most of your comments actually seem positive...and this is not the first time this incident occurs in this blog. I certainly hope that no one or corporation is paying you behind the scene when issuing grades and writing these!

Dandelion is a terrific sandwich cart. So, um, why review it without either of you trying a sandwich? The Baked Tofu Sandwich is to die for. Also good: the Dandelion Salad -- sort of a messy sandwich or a salad w/bread on the side -- and the Sweet Potato Wrap. I don't get why a side dish and a peanut butter cup candy would be enough for a review.

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