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This post was an April Fool's Day joke. For the real Tanner's Bar and Grill in Middleton, visit their web site or these news links on del.icio.us.

In a word: Never gonna make it.

The specs: #0648.5
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; official web site, Eating in Madison A to Z Madison restaurants

Latest Tanners' news and reviews at del.icio.us

JM and Nichole ate the BBQ pork, corn, salad, and coleslaw. JM had a lemonade and Nichole had a Leinie's Red.
The bill never came, and they refused our tip.
JM gave Tanners' a B+; Nichole gave Tanners' an A- (see our grading rubric).

We went to this place and found the parking lot very crowded. Indeed it looked as though there would be no place for anyone else to park after we arrived. This seemed later confirmed when we took the last table (or to our eyes, the only table) in the place.

We weren't offered a menu. However, our server, who was pleasant enough, provided a long list of drink options. Fortunately for JM there was lemonade, although this one was weaker and less refreshing than usual. But when it came to an entree, we both got BBQ pork because that was it. We understand wanting to be local and seasonal, and wanting to highlight a specific dish, but really, just BBQ pork? Why?

Best BBQ

The chef, too, was very friendly, even - oddly enough - joining us at the table with her own plate. She told us the BBQ pork was prepared in a slow cooker, which gave it a tenderness that's unrivaled in Madison. The sides were pretty good. There was real buttered corn, fresh coleslaw, and a cucumber and tomato salad in a simple homestyle mayonnaise dressing. We're going to go out on a limb and say this is the best BBQ in town. Sorry, Smoky Jon.

We cleaned our plates, and were even offered second portions in really nice to-go containers, but it took forever to get our check. In fact, it never came, and since we'd been waiting so long, we simply left without paying.

A couple other odd things we have to mention out of fairness: there was a dog under the table the whole time. And a little kid in the kitchen, just bopping around wherever he pleased. Friendly, but weird (and possibly illegal? Can we get sued for suggesting so? Good luck with that - this blog doesn't make any money). 

We will probably come back, although we do recommend calling first as they are closed for totally random reasons and also don't like people just showing up unannounced.

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What a wonderful review! I didn't expect April Fool's to affect this site, but I am glad it did. :-)

D'oh! I was about to check it out myself because of the "best BBQ in town" comment ... then I remembered what day it was and also that I'm kind of veganish now. (No foolin'.)

I must have lucked out. They were serving lobster Mac and cheese when I went. The only problem was they were out of catsup so I had to take it home to eat it. I do have to say that the tequilla infused flan desert was excellant.

ZOMG jealous.

Happy April 1st everyone :)

how did you get that photo??? it fits the review perfectly.

BBQ pork/ribs in the slow cooker is one of my favorite ways to cook. To finish them, I usually put them on the grill.

No offense, but it's May 12 -- is it really necessary to keep the April Fools' joke post pushed to the top as opposed to actual reviews?

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