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Campus Candy

Update 9/14/13: Campus Candy is closed.

In a word: Get you sugar fix tooth sweet.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Sociological Images, Isthmus, The Daily Cardinal, Yelp, The Badger Herald, A.V. Club; official web site, Twitter, Facebook.

Latest Campus Candy news and reviews

Chris, Clint, JM, Nichole and Tiffany picked out some candy at $11.50/lb.
Clint gave Campus Candy a C+; JM gave Campus Candy a C; Nichole gave Campus Candy a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Campus Candy is a bulk candy store (chain with locations at Penn State, Arizona and Indiana) serving the sugar needs of UW students. There are also sassy gummi tongues and brains, some dry fruits and nuts, cheesecake, cupcakes, soda, and frozen yogurt, and the beginnings of a cold cereal bar. It's fun, for us, that some of the rainbow-colored candies are arranged in ROYGBIV order.

We had a good time digging though candy nostalgia while we plumbed the depths of the dispensers, learning about each others' favorites; there are a few hard-to-find candies that are worth coming back for if the only alternative is expensive shipping. It's also a good place to get inspiration and supplies for Twinkie sushi, gingerbread houses, and edible books.


Chris was the one who found the gummi alpha bin and took the time to pick out two of our favorite letters. He's sweet like that.


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Really wish I had known about this place last weekend when I was in Madison, and I really hope I remember the next time I'm near State St :)

this place is grossly overpriced. You can go to Walgreens and get cheaper candy.

Karis, is there any premium value to the customer in being able to mix so many different kinds of candy? An experience that a Wal-Mart can't necessarily create. Interested to hear your feedback.

Jake from Campus Candy

@Jake, I'm sure some people value that option. I'm saying I don't. Nothing personal. I buy one or two types of candy when I'm out. I don't need 200 varieties, or the ability to mix them together.

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