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Thai Noodles

In a word: Fit to be Thai'd.

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JM ate the drunken noodles.
Nichole ate the beef laab.
We split some crab rangoon.
The bill was $22, or $11/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Thai Noodles a B (see our grading rubric).

(The internet is going to think we only have one tablecloth.)

Thai Noodles Thai Noodles out on McKee Road does a good job, but not quite as good in our opinion as the proximate Thai Basil.

Dine-in is a better option here than at most places that specialize in carryout. The dining room is clean and bright, with real flowers on the tables. The service is knowledgeable (they recommend the curries) but the beverage options don't include fountain soft drinks, for what that's worth.

We dug in to the crab rangoon even before we left the parking lot, but got a good sign: they were too hot to eat. Once home, our first bites were the best. The corners of the pinched wrappers were cooked well, the filling was slightly sweet, and the sauce with diced peanuts was very good. However, the center of each wrapper was underdone.

Nichole did like that sticky rice is included with the laab, but the ground beef that they used had a gamey, farmy overtone to it. There was a more pronounced ginger flavor than other laabs she's had, and more chopped peanuts, both of which took strides to remedy what wasn't the best recipe.

The drunken noodles were in a fairly watery but anise-scented broth. Green and red bell peppers and white onions accompanied the thick, clumpy noodles, which required lots of slurping.

Some folks have raved about Thai Noodles and, if we hadn't been to a superior place in the vicinity, we'd probably be more likely to return.  That said, we'd neither turn down invitations nor turn up our noses to Thai Noodles.


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Count me among those who love this place. So far, I've had the Pad Thai, the green curry chicken and the seafood Pho, all of which were above average for Madison. I hate to be critical because you guys perform such a great service for all us foodies in in town and I'm a big fan, but half of your review of a Thai restaurant is on the crab rangoon? I mean, common, that stuff isn't even Orential, let alone Thai. You couldn't get the spring rolls? You should have. They're great. Keep up the good work, but please, enough with the make believe Chinese food. Thanks.

I had the green curry noodles there. Very good. My friend had Pad Thai, her standard, and it was also very good. The portions were generous and the family running the place is extremely friendly. On the other hand, I haven't tried Thai Basil, so can't compare.

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