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Tagura Asian Grill

Update 6/29/11: Tagura is closed.Tagura takeout

In a word: Like Chin's, with promise.

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JM ate the shrimp tempura bento box with crab rangoon, miso soup, white rice, and a fountain soda.
Nichole ate the galbi entree with kimchi, brown rice, and a Ramune soda.
The bill was $15, or $7.50/person, with online coupon, plus tip.
Nichole gave Tagura Asian Grill an A; JM gave Tagura Asian Grill an A- (see our grading rubric).

Ribs and kim cheeTagura is kind of awesome. As far as we can tell, the franchisees of the Madison IHOPs run it, and it looks like a fast-food spot, but has transformed the old Burrachos out by Greenway into something worthwhile. They've got lunch specials for $6 and a pan-Asian menu featuring build-your-own bento boxes (including custom fried rice, sushi, and curry) with emphasis on Korean specialties.

The homemade kimchi and sweet/smoky galbi (beef ribs) were fortifying. The ribs were better than any incarnation of any rib ever obtained from Applebees.  We think it's neat that they offer brown rice, though both of our rice scoops were colder than we expected, even considering travel time. 

A miso soup spiked with fresh ginger was delicious. Though the fry medium might have been old, the shrimp tempura were good and very crispy. The shrimp came with an alarmingly pink dipping sauce that we can only compare to Sour Patch Kids or strawberry Kool-Aid.

Compare/contrast those neon colors with the two active slushie machines in the dining area. Mmm... slushie. Tagura also proudly serves Boba tea and Sangaria Ramune soda. Our bottle of Original Flavor is still sitting in our fridge.

Nichole's first encounter with Ramune's fancy bottles was at Ginza, where the server took obvious joy in popping the little marble for her. ("Might! I said push with all your might!") It was special.

At this point we might as well save the bottle for the next time we have something to celebrate. Related: does anyone know when HFCS goes bad? Never? Good then.


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