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Lee Asian Bistro

Update: Lee Asian Bistro is now Kim Noodle.

In a word: We hope they get it together.

The specs: #0634  
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Yelp, Isthmus, Fearful Symmetries, 77 Square; listing at Eat Drink Madison; official web site, Lee Asian Bistro on Urbanspoon

Latest Lee Asian Bistro news and reviews

TeaJM ate the sweet and sour combination plate.
Nichole ate the #5 pho with tea.
The bill was $24, or $12/person, plus tip.
JM gave Lee Asian Bistro a C+; Nichole gave Lee Asian Bistro a C- (see our grading rubric).

We think we went on an off night. In this instance, we feel awful about "having to" write about it. Please read something else about Lee Asian Bistro.

RangoonSome items had great promise, but like Unlucky Jim's hollow pie, left a bad impression. Our customary rangoon were adorably described as using "Wisconsin cream cheese" and they arrived fast. The wrappers were thick and variably flaky. The filling was very tasty, with green onion and garlic, but the center of each was frozen solid.

JM's sweet and sour combo of pork, shrimp, and chicken included maraschino cherries and three colors of bell pepper. The sauce was very good and thick. The thin strips of pork, cut against the grain, had a great chewy texture. They didn't skimp on the shrimp. But some bites of chicken hid odd crunchy bits.

Sweet and sour

The #5 pho (rare steak, flank, tendon) was as if a celestial being had wept a giant bowl of sparkling, clear, breathtakingly anise-scented tears over gummy tendon and tough, green-sheened beef. (It probably wasn't spoiled, though. It just had the irridescence that some roast beef does, and Nichole regrets having said something so ignorant and possibly harmful on Pho Finder and Fearful SymmetriesWe are not experts and this is an example of that.) The cilantro's flavor had a nice citrus accent and the green onion and jalapeno were good, but other parts of the salad (limes with peels yellowing from the edges, dried-up basil, aging sprouts) were past their prime.

That, and the frozen rangoon centers, hinted at inventory stretching. If that's the case it's not surprising, especially during slow times and particularly with such a broad menu, but it was disappointing.

Pho garnishPho

So, a couple other things that would not normally matter and are probably not always the case - the floor was ewwww sticky. The booth's benches were too distant to sit back and reach the table, and the table itself was too wobbly to lean on comfortably. The service was sweet but inexpert. On the way out we looked for a carryout menu in vain.

It is certainly possible that Lee Asian Bistro has great food, but on the off night we went, we didn't find much to come back for.


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Unlucky Jim's hollow pie haunts my childhood. But it looks like the meal here was far more filling than the one poor Jim suffered!

Review is spot on. There are major issues with Lee's I've discovered and after 3 seperate occassions. First was a Thai iced tea that was actually delivered with horribly curdled cream, absolutely disgusting! I wasn't charged for it but still, that fact that it was delivered like that shows a lack of perfessional service. Second time I had a dish with peanuts in it, can't remember what it was but the peanuts tasted very old, stale and rancid. Tasted better after picking off he nuts. Third time, I can't remember what the issue was, I was trying to use up a THIRD Groupon I accidentally purchaced from that place otherwise I wouldn't have come back even a second time. Don't go, they will not get better, they will disappear very soon.

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