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Sunprint CafeUpdate: Sunprint is closed.

In a word: A hunch about brunch.

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JM ate the French toast with a Nantucket Nectars lemonade.
Nichole ate the breakfast sandwich with a cappuccino.
The bill was $14, or $7/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Sunprint a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Sunprint Cafe was closed on the first Saturday we tried it, reinforcing yet again the need to call ahead. Instead, our group passed up Marigold and ended up at Gotham, which was good. (Seems we weren't the only ones in the same predicament; we probably walked right by the author of Laine's Local.)

Anyway, just the two of us returned for a quick weekday breakfast that brightened up a grey day. As we entered, we noticed a sign proclaiming that Sunprint had recently joined REAP, which boded well for good ingredients. We ordered breakfast at the counter among coolers and small buffet stations that stood ready for lunch setup. Perhaps it was the furniture, or the huge, blocky dining room, or the several floors of building above our heads, but the space was reminiscent of a hotel restaurant. It was also fairly empty 'round about 7 AM.

The cappuccino was ready quickly. It had a rich coffee flavor and the whole milk foam was ever so slightly sweet. The food came out after another decent interval. Nichole's English muffin egg sandwich with bacon and Monterey Jack was respectable. The buttering was left to her, and had she been in a more experimental mood some of the preserves from the adorable jam bar would have gone on the sandwich: orange marmalade, strawberry, or apple melba all sounded worth a try with the crispy bacon and soft egg.

JM's French toast was a good sized portion with a very nice flavor, light and only a little eggy with a good amount of carmelization.


Sunprint's very nice, but for us it falls into that category of places we never think to go to unless we're already nearby. The random Saturday closure, while unfortunate and understandable, doesn't do much to encourage a special trip.


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I stop in at Sunprint maybe once a week, since it's on my morning walk to work. (Bus drops off at Main and Carroll; I then walk to East Washington & Blair.) The breakfast sandwiches are pretty good, even though I don't think the English muffins are toasted, and I really don't understand the idea of slicing two sausage links in half, length-wise, to put sausage on a sandwich, as opposed to just using patties.

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