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Spring Green General Store

In a word: Across the wide Wisconsin, there is a meal.

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JM ate the French toast with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the Virgo with a coffee.
We took a cinnamon twist home.
The bill was $18, or $9/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Spring Green General Store an A- (see our grading rubric).

Spring Green General Store's French toast alone is worth the trip.

French toast

We wanted to put that up top so we remember it next time we're free for a long brunch. Upon reflection, add up the wait time at some of the busier Madison places and it's a horse apiece. (And bookending a day biking out west with dinner at The Bank may achieve some sort of Sauk County nirvana.) Anyway, the toast was made of airy, sweet bread, lightly battered with a rich vanilla note and the right amount of cinnamon.  Omnonom.

The lemonade was also great despite being on the tart side. They serve Alterra and Kickapoo coffees, plus Just Coffee's Bike Fuel, which was brewed kinda weak for Nichole's taste.

Her breakfast was the "Virgo" - a scramble of potato, onion, green pepper, sausage, and eggs glued together with Monterey Jack cheese. It was so disorganized! How does that befit a Virgo? But it was tasty.


Also on the menu were various quiches and cheese curd scrambles. The store sports a thoughtfully assembled condiment rack: Dickinson's jams (no HFCS), a pepper grinder, sea salt, and turbinado sugar on the tables, plus Sriracha, Pickapeppa, ketchup, various mustards, and crackers to go with the lunchtime soups.

After breakfast we browsed the retail side of the operation. If we had to generalize about the store, we'd say it's like Beans & Barley x Willy St. Co-op: a mix of artsy/clever gifts and organic foods.

It's a few steps up to the porch and the dining room is lovely but absurdly crowded. Much like Sophia's (and the old L'Etoile, Nadia's, and more we haven't thought of) Spring Green General Store is a nigh-inaccessible place making delicious food. This is probably the case more often than we've noticed before, but these two meals so close together brought the point home.


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I love the Spring Green General Store for brunch. I also love all the games and magazines they have to help pass the time. We haven't been there in a while; we have been trying to cut back on going out to eat.

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