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Silver Mine Subs

In a word: If you eat one kind of sub a lot, Silver Mine may do it just as well.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; review at Isthmus; official web site, Facebook, Silver Mine Subs on Urbanspoon

Latest Silver Mine Subs news and reviews

Doug J. ate the build-your-own Miner's Choice on wheat.
JM ate the Boomtown on white with chips and a fountain drink.
Nichole ate the Georgetown on wheat with chips and a fountain drink.
Ron ate the chili with a fountain drink.
The bill was $20, or $5/person, plus tip (with $6 off thanks to Groupon).
JM gave Silver Mine Subs an A-; Doug and Nichole gave Silver Mine Subs a B+; Ron gave Silver Mine Subs a B (see our grading rubric).

We don't have much to say about Silver Mine Subs. The company was good. The coupons were plentiful. They've got Coke, and what's better, Coke Zero at the fountain. Plus Miss Vickie's chips and a few ingredients like banana peppers and avocado spread that you don't find at comparable Cousin's (maybe at Subway, but how would we know? We're not up to Subway yet - 6.5 years, still not up to Subway).

Ham and turkeyVeggie

Chili and breadJM got the Boomtown (ham, bacon and provolone) and found it well-proportioned, like an above average one from Cousin's. Nichole's Georgetown of turkey and bacon was fine, though scant on the avocado spread. Doug built a veggie Miner's Choice of cheddar, avocado, green and banana peppers, plus honey mustard; the order, plus the Groupon, seemed slightly distressing for the counter person, but ultimately everything came correct. Ron's chili was "serviceable and filling," pretty close to Hormel, but served with a generous portion of soft wheat bread.

Silver Mine also delivers and is open way late.  If you like your subs focussed on the topping with a nice but thin bread, Silver Mine might be your mother lode.


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Wait. What? Georgetown??? I lived in Georgetown, Colorado. Silver mining town of 500 people. It has a sandwich??? What?

Stopped in here once. For some reason I was optimistic about their Italian Beef sub. Gigantic portion--but of processed meat soaked in processed gravy. I never went back.

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