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Scott's Pastry Shoppe

Update 6/24/16: Scott's is closing.

In a word: Not free.

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JM, John, Nichole and Rose sampled the chocolate chip cookies, Ranger cookies, cake donuts, and bars.
The bill was $14, or about $3.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Scott's Pastry Shoppe a C; Nichole and Rose gave Scott's Pastry Shoppe a C-. (see our grading rubric).

Scott's assortment

JM picked up some stuff from Scott's just before closing time one weekday. We passed up homemade blueberry pie for it. Poor Scott's didn't stand much of a chance of getting on our "come back to" list; even so, their products did little to enchant us.

Everything we tried was dry. Nothing tasted like chocolate when it was supposed to, and bars labeled mint or raspberry were just sort of "green" or "red." Streusel bars were also "red" (possibly cherry, since they lacked a raspy bite) or apple-leathery with coconut, which of this assortment was the one Rose most enjoyed, though even she said it was not the greatest execution of that kind of bar she's had.

The donuts might have been better with a little more frosting to hold in the moisture. The old fashioned Ranger cookie with Rice Krispies and coconut was OK, but the chocolate chip cookies were Ahoy! chippy and nothing more.

We hear the cakes are Scott's strong suit, and a Mardi Gras king cake Nichole once sampled was good - basically a giant, shortening-laden cinnamon roll. Scott's also offers lunches which we hear are popular.


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I had a similar experience at Scott's. Not much better at Lane's either, though. This town really needs a world-class bakery to compete with its better restaurants. At least we have Greenbush.

We did a tasting at Scott's for our wedding cake and were incredibly impressed with the presentation of the samples. But unfortunately that was all that impressed us about their wedding offerings.

The six samples all tasted vaguely the same, though claiming different flavors. All were dry and left the impression of having been freezer burned. The frosting, cloying sweet and thickly applied, may have masked the more subtle distinction between the chocolate and vanilla flavors. Nothing about their cake distinguished it from anything grocery bakery would also offer.

However, the employees were incredibly sweet. We did leave with a soup from their cooler section which was a treat, and a few other pastries which were largely forgettable.

I'd hesitate to go back for any bakery with so many other great offerings in Madison.

I gave Scott's a try when they had a Groupon deal a while back. We didn't finish the dozen. A major disappointment--and nothing for Greenbush and People's Bakery to fear, as far as our dollars are concerned, anyway.

I'm surprised to see such negative impressions of Scott's. I think their donuts are much better than Greenbush (those remind me of gas station donuts; they're nothing special). If you're able to get them fresh in the a.m., I like many of Scott's raised donuts, the apple fritter, the German chocolate one, etc. The free coffee they give out on Saturday mornings is weak and forgettable, but I like to grab a donut or two and have it with (better) coffee at home.

You know...I don't like Scott's pastries either and, frankly, have never been overly impressed with their cakes. I prefer a Lane's cake with its vaguely pound-cake-ishness and whipped cream frosting.

For my money, Batch Bakehouse has the best baked goods - even though it skews bread-y (croissants, scones, etc.) I have yet to find a place with a proper turn-over or donut, although the fresh cake donuts from Skelly's Farm Market in Janesville (purchased this weekend while corn-mazing) were OUTSTANDING.

In regard to Scott's King Cake... meh. I make my own (from a box mix that I order from NOLA) and it's infinitely better than the dry thing that Scott's makes.

I am so glad you guys take these for the team for us. I am starting to learn that a "C" from you guys means an F for me. :-)

Scott's used to have decent donuts and cakes years ago. They have gone downhill. I buy all my cakes at The Rolling Pin. A bit pricey but always delightful.

I agree with Jen. The Rolling Pin Bake Shop has the best cakes around. We get at least one per month and their pastries are to die for. Scott's cakes taste like they came from a mix and are way overpriced for the quality.

I cannot believe that Krispy Kreme ranked higher than Scott's Pastry.

I like Scott's fudge nut refrigerator cookies, but they're not always in the rotation. The folks who own Scott's are incredibly generous and community-minded. Did you know they have given homeless folks jobs? Or that they donated a huge number of cakes and cookies to a charity for a fundraiser? (Probably more than just the one I know of, in fact.) Their philanthropy isn't something they toot their own horn about, but I know for a fact that they do wonders for their community.

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