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Hibachi Hut (cart)

In a word: The Cadillac of food carts.

The specs: #0573  
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; review at Isthmus.

JM ate the teriyaki chicken with a fresh lemonade.
Nichole ate some of JM's lunch.
The bill was $7 plus tip.
JM gave Hibachi Hut a B-; Nichole gave Hibachi Hut a C+ (see our grading rubric).

Latest Hibachi Hut news and reviews

Hibachi Hut is the slickest cart on the Mall. The outside is all shiny chrome and vibrant orange. The inside is well-lit, surgical white, and spacious enough for two workers.

Hibachi Hut

The grub itself was somewhat disappointing, but once again our experience was limited: we just got one dish of teriyaki chicken. The chicken was tough, and the little bit of onion, carrot, and broccoli florets and stems didn't distinguish themselves. Both the strifry and the long grain white rice underneath were permeated with a heavy brown sauce. Just under a third of the container was occupied by a lightly vinegared, coarsely chopped salad of cabbage and carrots.

Hibachi chicken

The large cup of fresh lemonade was probably the best part, if not for the flavor then for the State-Fair-showmanship of the juicing. This was accomplished with a motorized countertop juicer that rotated itself as the operator simply pressed a halved lemon down upon it. Add water and a scoop of sugar, shake, and hey presto, refreshment - because sometimes all you need is a high-tech quickie.


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take your lemonade and suck it, you cant judge restaurants on if they have it or not your an idiot, your rating system is retarded

Joe -- If you had read several of their other reviews before commenting you would have quickly discovered that restaurants without lemonade are NOT punished and in roughly 98% of cases lemonade is not even mentioned in the review.

Lemonade tastes pretty good.

Is joe the new "robert", of "THE OMLET IS BURNT" fame?

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