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Rossi's Pizza

In a word: The flip side of Rossario's.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; interview with Ross Parisi; reviews at Yelp, AV Club, Doctors of Za, Rossi's on Urbanspoon, listing at Eat Drink Madison; menu at menupix.

JM ate the pineapple and Canadian bacon half of a ten-inch thin crust pizza.
Nichole ate the anchovy and red onion half.
The bill was $10, or $5/person, plus tip.
JM gave Rossi's an A-; Nichole gave Rossi's an A (see our grading rubric).

Latest Rossi's Pizza news and reviews

Fortune cookies from an Italian restaurantIf Rossario's is a stuffy captain's mess, Rossi's is a party in steerage. Practically a hole in the wall of its predecessor's basement, and run by the same good folks, Rossi's makes the best thin-crust American-style pizza we've had yet in Madison.

We decided to pick up a small pizza to go and placed our order at Rossi's before we went upstairs to dinner. The spirit of do-what-you-love permeates the place, from the tchotchkes - including a vintage Brewers bleacher pad and a red plastic View-Master - to the Blues Brothers soundtrack on the record player to the eclectic menu and fortune cookies (!).

What started as our cheater-headed move to save some time ended up saving the day. Our ten-inch pizza, which we intended to sample but save for breakfast, was half gone before we got home. Remember, this was mere moments after getting up from a complete Italian dinner (though we did pack a to-go box), which speaks volumes to the appetite-inducing qualities of this pizza, especially the olfactory sensations it gives off.


Granted, we got the pizza mere moments after it emerged from the oven. Yet there's no denying that the crust was super, the sauce was thick and rich, the cheese was smoky and stretchy, the toppings had been chosen and assembled with care, and a sprinkle of dried parsley showed the love, all of which would be true even of a delivered pie. Do yourself a favor sometime and order in person. If you get anchovies, Ross might even wink at you.


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I'm suddenly starving!

As you know, I'm always on the lookout for good thin crust. I've heard for a while that their pizza is good, looks like I'll finally have to try it. Oooh, AND they cut it in triangles? It's picture perfect.

Love this place, even more than Rosati's when I'm in the mood for cracker thin crust. The people running it are awesome too. No credit cards though, unless that's changed recently, so bring cash.

Rossi's makes the best thin-crust American-style pizza we've had yet in Madison."


We were a bit bummed when we moved out of delivery range from Cafe La BelliItaila, which happened to be our favorite pizza in town. That lasted all of two weeks when a friend recommended Rossi's. Best thin crust I've found in Madison in 15 years. They always ask if we want it cut in squares or slices, which is great since I like the crust pieces and the s/o likes the middle. They also cheerfully accomodate my request for having it cooked a bit longer than usual, to get some well done edges. I highly recommend a pepperoni, mushroom, onion. You won't be disappointed.

I was disappointed to learn that Rossi's has undergone the same cutback in hours as Rossario's, despite the coupon mailer we received today assuring 7-day-per-week hours.

Okay, we didn't give up and picked up a Greek and a Deluxe tonight: terrific thin pizzas. Plus, the garlic bread with mozzarella is damn near perfect.

First time eating Rossi's today. Friendly, quick, good pizza.

The crust suffered a bit on the trip over but everything was top notch. Fine sauce, lots of cheese, generous toppings. Next time I order I may ask them to keep the pie in the oven 2 minutes longer.

Great coupons on the delivery box ensure repeat business.

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