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Bloom Bake Shop

In a word: More like Briga-Bloom.

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Latest Bloom Bake Shop news and reviews

JM brought a bunch of us a brookie, a cherry chocolate oatmeal cookie, Creamsicle cupcake, a peanut butter cupcake, and a cookie sandwich to share.
The bill was $13.25.
JM gave Bloom a B+; Nichole gave Bloom a B (see our grading rubric).

Bloom, a cute new bakery in Middleton, is adorable in a way that only a labor of love can be. With that territory comes some capriciousness. The first time we tried to go, in the make-ups to letter Q, Bloom was closed for spring break (as in, the whole week). The second time was the official ribbon cutting at Middleton Fest featuring a ton of people getting their bakery on and a ton more in the kitchen, which was chaotic, but ultimately got us the goods. 

JM had the honor of picking out our treats and bringing them to our remote eating site. Nichole, Amanda, Carlos and Oscar met him after biking a prodigious amount to get ready for Bike the Barns (have you registered or pledged yet?) and Jennie, Juan Carlos, Tiana, and Christine also partook of this little box of bounty. The consensus: Bloom is very good, but basically home bakery writ medium.

Bloom box

Clockwise from top left: a cherry chocolate oatmeal cookie would make durable on-bike, bonk-preventing food. It was dense and somewhat dry, with a distinct cinnamon overtone.

BrookieThe cookie sandwich was a frosting-lover's dream, with a dollop of sugary vanilla between two classic chocolate chip cookies. Not overly sweet regardless of appearance.

JM's a sucker for a good peanut butter and chocolate combination, and this cupcake was no disappointment. Jennie and Nichole each discerned an eerily spot-on Tootsie Roll flavor in the frosting.

Likewise, the Creamsicle cupcake was an amazing imitation of another sweet treat's flavor profile. The delicate orange creaminess was a surprise paired with light white cake, as interesting a juxtaposition of flavor and texture as astronaut ice cream.

Finally, the "brookie" was new (to us) - a hybrid brownie-cookie. In this one, the cookie layer was a brownie on the bottom and a classic chocolate chip cookie bar on top. The cookie layer even separated a bit in the baking, which was kinda cool, giving the treat a filigree-delicate dome of sugar, flour and butter.

We'd stop in at Bloom if we were in the Mustard Museum's neighborhood, but because of its Brigadoon-style hours, it seems ships passing in the night may be the more appropriate metaphor.


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Just curious, how much do the cupcakes cost? I've been waiting for a good cupcake place to open that doesn't charge $3+ each...

The cupcakes are at least in the neighborhood of $3, if I recall correctly.

Keep waiting, Jeanette. Trends aren't known for being reasonably priced, and ain't no cupcake shop that sells the kinds of cupcakes people want for anything below $2.25.

'Twas ever thus, from Manhattan to Rodeo Drive.

The first time I became aware of Bloom, I was on my way to Via Dolce for lunch. As I was passing Bloom and looking the window at its cuteness, a woman approached the door and started cursing. Seems that the bakery, which had been officially "open" for two or three weeks, never (and I mean NEVER) honored the posted hours on the door. It was the woman's third attempt to shop there and each time the place was closed despite the time on the clock. She, very vocally, announced that she'd never be back and would let all her friends know of the fiasco. As a result, I've never tried going there either. They'd have to be some spectacular baked goods to make up for crappy customer service.

Weird complaints about the hours. I'm at Bloom five days a week for my daily sugar and coffee fix. The cookies are great and the ladies working there are so happy it brightens my day. Can't say that I've ever seen anyone having a temper tantrum in front of their door, but if I did, I'd probably just point to the big hours sign. They haven't failed me yet.

We were discussing their hours at my work. A lady was going to stop there to get cupcakes for the office. Since they open at 11 a.m., most people cannot stop there on the way to work. We all thought it was strange that they wouldn't be open for the people who wanted to bring treats to work.

Oh dear. We don't mean to be a lightning rod re: alleged capricious hours. They're following their bliss, blooming where they're planted, and there's nothing wrong with that.

You can always call ahead at 831-5797.

Their website says they'll cater, arrange pick-up or delivery, too. So I'll bet if you wanted a batch of treats for the office they might arrange to just deliver it for you if the order's >$30 or whatever. Who knows. Give it a try.

My local baker also has small children at home so we cut him some slack for occasional odd hours - life demands some flexibility if we want to have small, locally owned businesses and happy, healthy proprietors.


Dory, I love how you think. Come back and comment anytime.

Hawaiian time

Bloom's hours are 9-7:30, Tuesday through Saturday! I think there was probably just some confusion with folks at the beginning as the shop opened and was getting on it's feet, about the hours and things. But it seems that's all cleared up now! Lovely shop and people working there, the *best* treats I've had too. To answer Jeanette's question, they are $3. But I know their ingredients are all organic and I believe lots locally sourced too, so that's probably why. It's worth it to me!

"ain't no cupcake shop that sells the kinds of cupcakes people want for anything below $2.25."

That may not be entirely true. Sweet Impressions on State St. has some wonderful cupcakes for under $2


This is not to infer anything about the Bloom Bake Shop, which I'm sure is a fine bakery with their own unique treats. I'm just saying, if you want a decent cupcake in Madison for under 2 bucks, it's available.

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