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Mojo's Pub

Mojo's pub patioIn a word: Its mojo may have has [closed Feb. 2015] been laid off.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Madison Fish Fry, collected at del.icio.us, listing at Eat Drink Madison; official web site.Mojo's Sports Pub & Grill on Urbanspoon

JM ate the kraut burger.
Nichole ate the Nikki's chicken salad.
The bill was $16, or $8/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Mojo's Sports Bar a C+ (see our grading rubric).

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Mojo's in downtown Waunakee is your standard Wisconsin bar, with above-average service and a nice patio. Had it been a little warmer we would have stayed outside, but instead we headed to the second floor to avoid the smoke (whose days are numbered!). The menu is pretty creative, considering; we thought it was neat that Mojo's offers delivery for their Friday fish fry.

Kraut burger

Nikki's chicken saladJM got the kraut burger on a pretzel bun. The bun added a good kind of texture to the sandwich. He'd ordered the beef medium, but would like to note for the record that just shy of medium rare inside and charred-into-ash grill marks outside doesn't mathematically average to medium. The burger could have used a sauce, but the Swiss and kraut were good.

"Nikki's chicken salad" was a big portion of bagged salad mix topped with cheese, black olives, tomatoes, and assertive onions. The chicken breast had been marinated in a citrusy,  sour and sweet sauce that lacked a bottom note but with a little salt it was OK.

We might have had better luck with some of the goofier combos on the menu, like the goober burger with peanut butter and mayo, or the breakfast burger with bacon, egg, and peanut butter (again?) but to be honest, Mojo's didn't strike us as a destination.


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I admire you guys for braving Sports Bars in search of good eats.

I agree with the grade. This place is a joke.

Hey, thanks, Steve!

This place is awful and an overall black eye to Waunakee. Dead flies were all over the window sills the first (and last) time I entered the establishment and the service was slow. I swear the wait staff had too many at the bar prior to attempting to serve us. The family that owns the joint are obviously products of married first cousins which can happen in a place like the 'only' Waunakee in the world.

Mojo's is a great place to eat! Regardless of the ridiculous comments that have been made, Mojo's has great, affordable food, in a great setting. The inside includes several large flatscreen tv's, two bars (one upstairs that includes a dance floor and a DJ on the weekends, and the downstairs bar which is decorated in awesome Wisconsin sports memorobilia.) Also, Mojo's includes wonderful outdoor dining and the staff were more than accomdating to all of my request. Mojo's food, especially their Thursday night Prime Rib Special, is truly high-end dining under the guise of "bar-food". The prices at Mojo's makes it a weekly dining destination for my family and I, as I am only paying a fraction of the dining cost which I would expect to pay in Madison for the same quality of amazing food.

The meals I've had at Mojos have been mediocre to bad. Unimaginative dishes that are poorly prepared. Would much rather go to Dexter's or Alchemy.

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