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Fiesta Mexican Grill

Update: Fiesta Mexican Grill is closed.

In a word: Just fine.

The specs: #0513  
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; 77 Square, The Ruppert Food BlogLa NettaFiesta Grill on Urbanspoon; listing at EatDrinkMadison.

JM ate the taco and enchilada combo plate.
John Sams and Rose ate the molcajete.
John ate the fajitas.
Nichole ate the chicken mole.
We drank three margaritas and four soft drinks.
The bill was $39, or $7.80/person, plus tip after coupon.
We all gave Fiesta Mexican Grill a B (see our grading rubric).

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Fiesta Mexican Grill sits across from James Madison Memorial High in the space once occupied by Rice Cafe. The place is brightly painted but dimly lit (daylight may change that), with high ceilings and the ubiquitous Fiestaware plates that in this case finally fit the bill.


There were complementary chips and salsa but no horchata, sadly. The salsa to us was too blandly tomatoey. The margaritas were plenty strong on this occasion, contrary to what we'd heard - but maybe that was just who happened to be tending bar.

The service was above average and we were served fairly quickly, and smartly too, since the fastest eater was served last (and that would be JM). His preference is for flour tortillas, so the corn ones used for his taco weren't going to be loved - but they were filling and satisfying. John's fajitas didn't impress him too much and he missed having a bit of pico de gallo or something fresh on the side. Otherwise, he found it to be standard Madison Mexican restaurant fare.

Nichole thought the chicken mole had a strongly metallic overtone (think pennies) that faded after the first bite but did border on unpleasant. John and Rose had the most fun, and most flavor, in their giant molcajete full of shrimp, chicken, chorizo, rice, beans, green onions and avocado.


With one outstanding dish, two average, and one iffy, and no creamy horchata to rise to the occasion, Fiesta passes - which, owing to grade inflation that leaks from the High School across the street, means Bs all around.


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wow that is come cheap bill.

Whoops. Fixed. Thank you for letting us know.

I just called my husband-- we're going there tonight! I must try that shrimp and avocado thing.

I would consider it a pleasant surprise to have corn tortillas, since those are "traditional" as opposed to the ubiquitous Americanized flour tortillas normally served.

That being said, I understand why JM wouldn't like them and the mole sauce makes we want to avoid the place completely.

mole is a place many mexican restaurants have problems with. La Hacienda on Park St has some pretty bad mole too.

Senor Peppers in Oregon has some really good Mexican food. They offer true traditional items in addition to the normal tex mex fair.

Just a heads up that Fiesta is closed; the restaurant has re-opened as Cilantro Bar & Grill. (Though the sign on Gammon Road still has the "Fiesta" branding.)

I tried posting this the other day, and got timed out. 77 Square says that the head chef worked at La Mestiza and one of Rick Bayless' restaurants in Chicago.

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