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The Bank

Update 7/13/11: The Bank is closed. Thanks for the heads up, Elizabeth!

In a word: Bank on it!

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Trip Advisor, Yelp, Journal Sentinel, Isthmus, Wisconsin State Journal, collected at del.icio.us; official web site, Bank Restaurant & Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

Latest Bank news and reviews

JM ate the mac and cheese and crab cakes with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the beet salad and Bank rolls with La Playa “Block Selection” 2007 Carmenere.
The bill was $40, or $20/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave The Bank an A (see our grading rubric).

If you've been to/through Spring Green and haven't stopped at the Bank, that's a shame. It's a great spot for relaxed yet lovely tapas and inspires great loyalty in the locals, especially the oenophiles. Nichole had the chance to go last summer, when she tried the quinoa sliders and the Faarko (which was good but didn't quite fit its description on the cheese menu, so we're still looking for expert confirmation that that's what it was).

Beet saladIf you have a soft spot for beets, as Nichole does, you'd be pleased by the beet salad. Lightly pickled red and orange beet rounds were served on a small bed of greens, each leaf of which was dry, crisp, and fresh, and dressed in an orange vinaigrette. The wine was a damn sight better than anything we buy at home, though it wasn't an ideal partner for the overpowering beets.

Bank rolls and dipping sauceThe "Bank rolls" (ha!) were three pieces each of Hook's bleu, a cheddar, and a mozarrella fried in wonton wrappers with marinara and mustard dipping sauces. Especially paired with the beets, these were winners.

Crab cakesJM tried the warmer dishes, first up being two smoky, peppery crab cakes with a grapefruit sauce that had a bit of a kick, though not in an unpleasant way. His favorite was the mac and cheese. Augmented with tender and rich duck confit, the cheese sauce was creamy and a bit oily and filled each piece of cavatappi. A few bread crumbs on top would have added texture and made it absolutely perfect.

Macaroni and cheese

Our only wistful wishes were for a few more degrees of heat in the dining room (which really was formerly a bank - yes, you can eat in the vault) and maybe a basket of bread or crackers to nibble on -- we might have been craving carbs, which we think goes with Wisconsin winters. In all other respects we were really pleased by how well The Bank kept our interest with not too much money down.


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Truly, those beets must have been the Money Beets

This food looks great and I love the first picture with that plate. I have never seen a plate like that before so it gives the restaurant more of an edge than other restaurants.The food looks expensive with a seance of familiarity. Thanks

I love beets! The Old Fashioned has a great beet salad too. Mmmm.... beets.

Fresco also has a great Beet Salad.

Mmm, beets!

I ate at the Bank two summers ago (2008) and was disappointed, but I've heard that they got a new chef since then and things have improved. With a wine list as awesome as the Bank's is, though, ordering lemonade is akin to a CRIME, but I ... will ... let ... it ... go.

Now I'm craving mac and cheese. Duck confit must have put it over the top, decadence-wise!

It was such a shame our visit to the Bank was rushed last summer due to a show at APT. I remember the food being top notch...especially the as of yet verified faarko. And I was thoroughly impressed with our waitress' knowledge of the menu and wines, as well as her accommodation of our tight dining schedule. I certainly hope to enjoy another meal there when we venture to Spring Green.

According to their web site (and Yelp), they are now closed. I guess I won't be going there this weekend.

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