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El Rio Grande

El Rio GrandeIn a word: If you make a run for the Dane County border...

The specs: #0511  
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Yelp, Rio Grande on Urbanspoon; listing at Eat Drink Madison.

MargaritaJM ate the steak burrito and a lemonade.
John ate the special Jalisco.
Nichole ate the enchiladas Marias and a margarita.
Ryan ate the fajitas and a diet Pepsi.
The bill was ??? - thanks, Ryan!
JM, John, and Nichole gave El Rio Grande a B (see our grading rubric).

Latest El Rio Grande news and reviews

El Rio Grande is pretty much the Stoughton equivalent of Laredo's - affordable, no-frills Tex-Mex. We went with the most laid-back, congenial company anyone could ask for, so our report is a little biased. One key difference is that El Rio Grande proudly flies the Norwegian flag next to the Mexican banner, which left us wanting lefse to sub for our tortillas.

 John was sad that horchata was not on offer. Nichole's margarita was on the light side but tasty.

FajitasSpecialEnchiladas Marias

The enchiladas Marias had tender white chicken doused in a filling, salty white cheese sauce. John's special, the Jalisco, perhaps had the best presentation of any of our dishes, right down to the cute chip tucked into the mound of chicken, salsa, sour cream, and queso fresco. Ryan's fajitas were standard, and JM's meal was mostly what he expected, tasty and warm with not much that would make him pass other comfort food Mexican places. Though, if he were in Stoughton, his opinion would surely rise.


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it is sad when there is no horchata.

Ok....first of all El Rio Grande is NOT at all anything like Laredos...Their food is wonderful and the cheese sauce is so good that you could practically live off of it. The dish you keep talking about is not a Jalisco..it is a Huarache. And the fajitas are excellent!!Every time I go to this restaurant it is packed and the owners will make you special dishes..such as the Mahi Mahi tacos..You were so FAR off on this review....The margaritas are wonderful also!

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