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Cimino's Pizza

Cimino's PizzaUpdate: Cimino's closed and the space is now Zoe's Pizzeria.

In a word: Waunakee's pizza yardstick.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Cimino Pizza on Urbanspoon; listing at EatDrinkMadison; official web site, Facebook page.

Allen, JM, John, Liz and Nichole ate a spinach and mushroom, a pepperoni and mushroom, and a ham and cheese po'boy.
The bill was about $40, or $8/person, plus tip.
We all gave Cimino's a B (see our grading rubric).

Latest Cimino's Pizza news and reviews

We trucked to Cimino's on a Saturday night to find they'd apparently recently lost their dine-in license (no public bathroom), so it didn't look promising. The staff were gracious, though, and lopped a bit off our bill. The meal made it back to an appropriate dining locale none the worse for wear, so we unpacked, divvied up, and dived in.

The ham and cheese po'boy (#45) seemed like Canadian bacon and a cheddar/provolone/mozzarella blend on a large hoagie roll. All melted under a broiler, it made for a very simple but hearty item, breaking our occasional rule of: "Don't order items not in the name of the restaurant."

Ham and cheese po' boyMushroom and spinach pizza

The pizzas were graced with fresh sliced mushrooms rather than canned, which we've found is rare. The crust was crackery and the sauce sweet and garlicky. Each pie was loaded with a generous amount of cheese, but we did wish the toppings and cheese had been more evenly spread rather than clumped up in the middle.

Pepperoni and mushroom pizza

Cimino's seemed to be a jumping joint even in the middle of a rainy/slushy night.  People came in to grab take-out pizza most of the time we were loitering at their tables. Having not had comparative fare, we're happy to know that there's at least decent pizza in Waunakee.


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Am I the only one who's nitpicked about your use of "in a word"? It's not a word, it's several. I thought librarians would be sticklers about that...

I moved to Waunakee three years ago and Cimino's was the first pizza place I tried. I found it to be some of the worst pizza I have ever had in my life. Thankfully a much better place has opened since then. I suggest you try Doughboys. While it's not the "Brooklyn Style" pizza I grew up with (I lived in the NY/NJ for over 45 years before moving here), it is by far the best pizza in Waunakee.

Sconz, yes, you are literally the first to be so literal. ;)

New camera? Or just a flurry of inspiration? You've got all this perspective an' depth of focus an' shit on that bottom shot.

I personally do not know what sconz is talking about I've been dining at Cimino's Pizza and Pasta for over two years now. The pizza is easily the best in Waunakee, the sauce is what sets it apart. The fresh Italian sausage Cimino's uses is another factor that helps make a great product. Not only do they offer great pizza, they also offer great pastas and sandwiches. The staff are the friendliest and the most skilled pizza chefs I have ever met. Cimino's is by far the best Italian restaurant in Waunakee. I have tried all of the others and the rest just do not compare. Cimino's makes their dough and bread fresh every day, and only uses the freshest of ingredients. The care used in the preparation and the cooking is what really makes this a great restaurant. I will never eat at another pizza place in Waunakee again unless it is Cimino's. Cimino's offers the best delivery times in the area and has the best and friendliest delivery drivers there are. They always deliver a great product in a timely fashion. I love Cimino's and will never have anything else, nothing else even compares. An entire menu and internet only coupons for Cimino's can be found at waunapizza.com

big slim, perhaps your reply was meant for Bob? If we're to be used as free advertising space, please shoot for accuracy.

And Kyle, thanks! Sorry for the late reply. No new camera, still our old point-and-shoot. It was the luxury of not having to be rushed and furtive since we ate at home, plus the practice occasionally pays off.

I love Cimino's pizza. It reminds me of Salamone's pizza in Whitewater when I went to school there. They are THE friendliest people in town. (Main Street Diner is close). I like Doughboys but you get half the pizza for twice the price.

I'm sorry Nichole I read that wrong thats my fault. I read the names on the post wrong, reading the name above the post not below. And Chad the Cimino's family and the family that owns the Salamone's are sort of related I know the owner of Cimino's quite well.

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