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Anna's Pizzeria

Anna's PizzaIn a word: Doesn't look like much, but it is.

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Brandy, JM, Mark, Nichole ate the Works pizza, cheese bread, garlic bread, and three sodas.
The bill was $32, or $8/person, plus tip (thanks, guys!)
Brandy, JM, Mark, and Nichole gave Anna's Pizzeria an A- (see our grading rubric).

Garlic and cheese breadsWorks pizza

First things first: walking into Anna's is like walking into someone's basement. It's paneled, dark, there's a TV on in the corner with a pile of VHS tapes (?!) stacked up next to it, and there are 3 black Naugahyde stools set up at the small, dimly-lit bar. Anna's keeps weird hours, the menu is hard to read, and they don't take credit.

You should still go.

Here's the thing: this pizza is great. At the server's recommendation, we got the Works with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, green peppers, onion, and mushrooms. The crust was light and bready, thin but not crackery. A sweet made-from-scratch sauce held everything together. As if by divine intervention, the 16 inch pie did not sog out even in the middle after 20 minutes. The combination of toppings on the Works was delightful, but Brandy pointed out that it was really the smoky bacon that really made this pie. JM was very much in favor of the sausage as well.

The garlic and cheese breads we tried were just rounds of light Italian run under a broiler. They were great for staving off a toddler meltdown, however, and may have been even better if they'd been served with a side of red sauce.

After the meal Mark said he kind of felt like Anthony Bourdain dining on the finest foods in the most unlikely of places. Plus, we think local WKOW celeb Jake Zimmerman dined one table over. You can't argue with success. 

When we've discussed Anna's with other SP natives, those who've tried it are in favor. That many haven't even tried Anna's is a shame because Sun Prairie has a real treasure here.


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we're big fans of Anna's. She's our go-to gal for carryout pizza. I do wish the garlic bread was better, but the pizza is excellent. Anna answers the phone and it seems like her family is behind the scenes?

This pizza and bread look really good. The pizza looks like your tongue is going to go for a tasteful ride!! Thanks for making me hungry for the day!

I agree 100% with this review. Yet another example that local pizza is ALWAYS better then chain pizza.

Me and the Missus have lived in Sun Prairie for the last 8 years, and in that time, probably ordered pizza a thousand times.

Main Street Sun Prairie is home to every major pizza chain in the nation, all within a block of each other, and yet Anna's has still managed to thrive.

Why? Because it's easily the best pizza in the city. It was also the first place when ate when we moved here, so it'll always carry sentimental value in that regard. Anna is a sweetheart, the delivery is fast; what more could you want?

Awesome pizza. Yeah, the atmosphere isn't much but its a hometown - non chain pizza place. Bacon on the pizza is a must! Great sauce! Sweet owners!

looks kind of gross that they wouldn't put some wax paper under that garlic bread. those things get used and reused a lot.

We stopped by tonight based on this review and completely agree with it. It reminds me of the small-town pizzerias we used to go to 40 years ago - complete with the paneling! Anna seemed to know almost everyone in the restaurant - they obviously have a lot of regulars.

I'm not sure if they have "hired" wait staff during busier hours (while we were there, Anna took care of all the stuff in front while someone was in the back cooking), but I was wondering - if there really isn't a hired wait staff, are you still supposed to tip the server? I know restaurant wait staff often make less than $3 an hour because tipping makes up the rest - but what if the "wait staff" happens to be the owner? The people at the next table didn't leave a tip, but I thought we should err on the side of tipping. Does anyone know the custom?

If it is a "sit down" restaurant, I would leave a tip, assuming the service / food wasn't horrible.

After all the item prices mainly cover expenses, but probably don't leave much profit these days.

Yelp had good things to say, and I'd driven by many times, so this review put me over the edge. We got takeout last night, a Works and an extra cheese with half pepperoni.

Cheese and toppings were all a bit rubbery. The cheese in particular was too close to vulcanized. That said, they were all pretty tasty. Even if the veggies weren't exactly fresh.

The crust was good, except the short drive home was not enough to stave off a little sog. The sauce was maybe a little sweet for my taste, but it was good, too.

I loved the interior of the place, and I think it'd be a better experience to dine in than take out. I can't place Anna's above Roman Candle, but as a far-east-sider, I'd consider going here over Glass Nickel on occasion.

We use to live in sun prairie years ago. Anna use to offer spaghetti and meatballs. I LOVED it. She stopped offering I guess because the pizza bussiness was so good she didn't have time to do the noodles or something like that she told us once. But the pizza remains our favorite. We still go back for it when we can. Delivery to a friend's house in Sun Prairie took FOREVER and they forgot a pizza and it got pricey.We finally had both pizza's inn our over 2 hours after the time of ordering and no discount was offered. But still the best pizza around! We continue to go back again and again! Nothing like it out there.

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