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Prairie Cafe & Bakery

Pomegranate apple ciderIn a word: Only so-so for those who tally Essen.

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JM ate the French toast with a grape juice.
Jahboh ate the corned beef hash with a pomegranate cider.
Nichole ate the oatmeal with a coffee and a milk.
Tossy ate the American fries with a pomegranate cider.
We split a chocolate chip scone.
The bill was about $30, or $7.50/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Prairie Cafe & Bakery a B (see our grading rubric).

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Prairie Cafe and Bakery is in a twisty-turny mixed-used neighborhood in Middleton, not far from Bean Sprouts. Above the coffee shop there are apartments. If we lived there, we'd probably frequent Prairie Cafe & Bakery gladly for the wifi, Alterra coffee, and pastry; when it comes to heartier breakfasts, we'd probably still make our own. The jury is out on sandwiches, though the cheddar BLT sounded good.

Corned beef hash

We gave a lukewarm reception to breakfast only because it was so plain. Granted, we didn't order the quiche of the day, which boasted spinach, mushrooms, and cheese. And fresh pineapple and orange wedges on each plate were very nice, as was the pomegranate apple cider to which the pom added a not-unpleasant sour bite. Jahboh's corned beef hash was definitely homemade, but playing "find-the-meat" was harder than it should have been. Tossy's American fries were almost the same as the hash; an onion or bit of pepper would have added a lot to the dish.

 Oatmeal and French toast

Nichole's oatmeal was fine after augmentation with brown sugar, milk, walnuts, frozen berries and fresh strawberries (as well as a schlug of syrup poached from JM) but those extras brought the price above $6. Meanwhile, JM liked his French toast; it had an almost berry flavor itself, and looked like it was made from the same white Texas toast that rounded out Jahboh's breakfast. The syrup, we know not how, tasted burnt. The chocolate chip scone was crumbly and tasty -- though better bakery can be found in Middleton.

Like most coffee shop, this is a place to go if it is convenient for you to go. But diamonds in the rough that could make a little place like this shine were not delivered.


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I've only had pastries here - and they're actually pretty good.

The Prairie Cafe has a fun tea selection and delivers their water at the just-right temperature. The pastry selection is also delicious. However, the biggest upside is its proximity to the Madison Birth Center where Saturday morning birthing classes fuel up prior to learning and emoting.

I love oatmeal! People always make fun of me when I order it at a restaurant, but it is so good!

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