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Poppa Coronofoulos Gyros & Chicago-Style Deli

Update 3/7/11: PCG&C-SD is closed. Thanks for the heads up, Kat.

In a word: Like being two hours south on I-90, but just outside Monona.

Poppa CoronofoulosThe specs: #0494  
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Yelp,Poppa Coronofoulos Gyros on Urbanspoon, listing at Eat Drink Madison.

JM ate the beef and brat combo.
Nichole ate the Chicago-style dog.
We split some mozzarella sticks.
The bill was $13.80, or $6.90/person.
JM gave Poppa Coronofoulos Gyros & Chicago-Style Deli an A-; Nichole gave Poppa Coronofoulos Gyros & Chicago-Style Deli an A (see our grading rubric).

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Lunch at Poppa's

Our fellow diners at Poppa's this grey morning were mostly families and solos, talking about baseball and movies. We got a couple sandwiches but made a note of the homemade chili for a future visit. We admired the ginormous - 10 gallon? - coffee percolator (unused) as we waited and pondered whether Chicago-style authenticity must entail suffering in the form of too-hot peppers.

Chicago dog

JM's hot and dry beef and sausage sandwich was excellent. The roll was the tops: soft, yet firm; the quality of meat was good; and his only regret was ordering it hot instead of mild, though it was thermally perfect.

The Chicago-style dog is ecclesiastically correct as far as Nichole could tell. She had no complaints, and at $2.62 the dog is priced right.

The typical mozzarella sticks arrived already cool past the stretchy stage, served with a decent marinara dip (probably from a can).

We liked the service: it wasn't fawning, but direct, and our order was correct. JM got a slightly too FIB-by vibe, a little too in-your-face feel from Poppa's. Nichole detected the same and found it refreshingly unMadison. If you need Chicago grub in these parts, this is as real as we've found.


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That relish is scary.

No mention of giardiniera? How can this place be called a Chicago deli and not have giardiniera.

I'm curious how their gyros taste, considering it's in the name of the restaurant.

Why was the FIB comment necessary?

It wasn't.

There gyros are very good, it is in my backyard from work and love the gyros! The sauce has good taste and plenty of lamb w/o being overwhelming. Though they do ruin a day on WW!

Tried to stop there this afternoon, with no luck - it's closed and the equipment is being auctioned off. :(


Love this restaurant! What on earth is going on. We need Papa's to be there for us. Please don't close for good. Love you guys!

Now Cuco’s Mexican Restaurant with a busy lunchtime clientele. Inside handsomely redone with a cute bar. Food gringoized. Request spice/heat if you want it. And you know you do!

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