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Pizza Extreme

Update: The location we visited is closed.

In a word: Mediocre!

The specs: #0486  
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Yelp, MadHungry, Ruppert Food Blog, Pizza Extreme/Pizza Pit on Urbanspoon; official web site.

JM, John, Jennifer, Miles, Nichole, and Skip ate a pepperoni and black olive, pepperoni with extra cheese, sausage and onion, Hawaii 5-0 deep dish pizza, and some garlic bread.
The bill was about $50, or $8.33/person, with coupons.
Miles gave Pizza Extreme an A+; JM gave Pizza Extreme a B+; Jennifer and Nichole gave Pizza Extreme a B; Skip and John gave Pizza Extreme a C+ (see our grading rubric).

Latest Pizza Extreme news and reviews

Tucked away in a small strip mall off Raymond Road, this Pizza Extreme seems to be undergoing Extreme Multiple Personality Disorder. In addition to being a Pizza Extreme they are also a Pizza Pit, an Athens Gyros, a Chocolate Shoppe, and an Ancora Coffee. We did our darnedest to stay inside the Pizza Extreme menu, but who can say if we crossed over. The upshot of the scattershot business approach: they have a wide selection of slightly indy sodas like RC, and free wi-fi. Good for them!

Pepperoni and black olive

As for the 'za, it's the preferred pie of FLGS staff meetings, and we can see why: it's satisfying and a good value. We each had a ton of bites of varying kinds of pizza and used three of the decorative-and-functional pizza launch pads provided on the tables. Each of the pies presented had something to recommend it, though none were truly astounding. The Chicago-style Hawaii 5-0 was probably the closest to the star, though it was least consumed as it came out of the oven last than the thin crust pies. Miles noted that the pepperoni tasted like bacon, and in fact it was kind of well-done, which lent it a crispity flavor. 

Hawaiian, Chicago-style

Pizza Extreme recently expanded into the West campus market by taking over Kipp's old place (and, funnily enough, adding an Athens Gyros as well), so we're glad that this local-ish chain wrapped around a food court buried in a strip mall has found its footing, though other local chains are as good or a little better. As with so many A to Z outings, the company is what made it worth going to.


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If you've lived in Chicago or the surrounding area and find yourself longing for that deep-dish classic, these can almost get you by.

You could order Lou Malnati's shipped to your door for $40 to $20 a pie, depending quantity. I've been tempted. If they offered a pie with hot giardiniera and sausage, I would get one. $40 for a 9" pie. For those who don't know what they're missing, consider yourself lucky. For those who do, I'm sorry for bringing it up. You're probably misting up while simultaneously having your mouth start to water like I am, writing this. Woe is me.

Sorry to see the East Wash. location go under, decent pizza for the money.

It didn't go under, it moved to the former Kipp's. Smart move, considering the campus is to the west of the Capitol. Although I guess all the car dealerships will have to go somewhere else for lunch until they finally go under, too move.

We're always happy with everything from the north location (Sherman Ave). It's great for a large group since they have lots to choose from besides pizza: pasta, sandwiches, big salads, wings, etc.

That Pizza Extreme schitzo mess on Raymond Road is a huge waste of time. It is not as good as the other locations. Probably because they are also a Pizza Pit.

oh nononononono.... you didn't order the stuffed pesto. it is the BEST. and hugely caloric, so it is now only allowed in the house for birthdays. even delivered it is so outstanding I suggest you try PE again just for that. really.

Thanks, but we don't repeat, and pesto makes me barf.

now... you DO repeat in your private dining out life, right? but i can't quarrel with the barfing thing. guess it'll never happen.

Mmmm, Lou Malnati's is the best deep dish pizza in the world! I haven't lived in IL for 13 years and I still miss it. But back on track. Pizza Extreme CAN be really good. I used to get Chicago Italian Beef from the E. Wash store all the time and it was excellent. Unfortunately my experiences at the other locations have been horrible. Hopefully they can keep up the quality at the new Monroe St. location.

@ PWC&OBM I believe Lou Malnati's can be ordered online and shipped to you. Not cheap, but something to consider. Personally I would just take a trip sometime down to IL for it!!!

Speaking of deep dish, you can also make your own from this reverse-engineered Gino's East recipe


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