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Pablo's Tacos

Pablo's TacosIn a word: Like La Mexicana, only in Marshall.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Isthmus, Pablo's Tacos on Urbanspoon.

JM ate the chicken chimichanga.
John ate the steak tacos with a diet Pepsi.
Nichole ate the chorizo tacos.
Rose ate the beef enchiladas with a diet Pepsi.
We split the chips and salsa.
The bill was about $35, or $8.75/person, plus tip.
JM gave Pablo's Tacos a B+; Nichole and John gave Pablo's Tacos a B; Rose gave Pablo's Tacos a B- (see our grading rubric).

Latest Pablo's Tacos news and reviews

Chips and salsaThis spare erstwhile grocery does tacos and other standards, as well as a breakfast all day that earned it a spot on Isthmus' Eats list. Isthmus has presented us with odd posers in the past, most recently Malt House, but this was worth a visit. We drove right past it on the first go; for future reference, it's across the street from the pre-millennial Baptist church with the bitchin' window art.


EnchiladasJohn went for the steak tacos on toasted flour tortillas that were just barely big enough to contain the filling.

The tortillas around Rose's beef enchiladas seem to have been dredged in red sauce. Oddly enough this didn't make them any less dry; dryness was a problem with most of the meal items, including the rice, though a dab of the smoky salsa helped.

Taco special with beans and riceThe chorizo tacos did not, as Nichole had expected, make grease run down her arms, though they did taste addictively salty. She wasn't offered a choice of cilantro/onion, but didn't regret being served the ripest, reddest tomatoes in recent dining-out memory.

Chimichanga with beans and riceJM's chicken chimichanga was quite pretty, garnished with a drizzle of sour cream and a light blanket of mozzarella cheese. It was hefty and very filling, as well. The rice and beans reheated well.

These small town abarrotes/taquerias combos seem to be providing their residents with a good value on the dining dime: the ability to eat well and eat something outside of the norm for the cost of an evening at the local Mickey D's. When you're coming from central city, the math changes, but only slightly.


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Hands down, my favorite pastor tacos (on corn tortillas). Their pork just seems to have more flavor than others I've tried. Also love the chorizo here. The burritos are LARGE.

I think Pablo's has a larger menu than La Mexicana.

Can I tell you a secret? I'm absolutely in love with their burritos. I will happily go out of my way to come to Marshall and eat at this place. They're always friendly, and seriously, the burritos are AMAZING. Plus they give you the option of getting the gigantic regular sized ones, or a "mini burrito" that more closely resembles a sane portion size. Which I appreciate.

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