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It's been a really busy spring here at Eating in Madison A to Z, what with being on the Dan Potacke Show and all. So busy we kind of lost track of where we were in the alphabet. Since we don't want to miss anything, we decided to start over.

A Place for Friends

A Place for FriendsIn a word: Closed.
The specs: #00000
Address, hours & details via Isthmus.

This place is closed. That concludes our first review. Stay tuned for more.

More April Foolery: 2006 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013


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Starting over?!?! Ohh noes!!! I hope this isn't serious.

April Fool's maybe?

Happy April Fools Joke!!! :-)

Thanks for the wonderful time and look forward to your future reviews!!!

::Peter Griffin laugh::


you guys are so cute.

Consider starting at Z and going back to A this time, I'll check back in about 3 years when you get to M.

We were at the show! It was a great time. I sincerely hope you buck The List just this once and post your review of the Frequency. ^_^

We--Dave (http://www.o-broze.net/dave/drivel/i--ndex.html) and B (http://barbok.blogspot.com/) were at your Frequency debut, too! (That's why we went, of course.) You two were great!

Sure will miss you! See you in 2012 when you get back up to "N."

So.... What in the world is going on with this databasewise, btw? I see that all these recent reviews have a date of April on them (despite that it's May 22), so I figure that *that* date must be when they were written, not when they were posted on the site. Which would make sense, since the comments left on them have dates that make sense. But this one's got comments from April 1, right? So it was online back then, right? So how in the world did it end up back on the front page? Did its post date get re-assigned or something?

This is seriously freaking me out; I've had to look at my computer's clock about five times to make sure I wasn't going completely mad. :)

CJ, relax! It's under control. I just reposted the April Fool's joke to the front page once we caught up. You're right, we use the date we went to the place as the post date, which has caused no end of feed and update troubles... sorry for the confusion.

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