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Natt Spil

In a word: Robert Altman's best film.

The specs: #0412
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Yelp, Badger Herald, Christopher Robin's Fresh Foods, QSC, 77 Square 12/24/09, Natt Spil on Urbanspoon

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JM ate Dave O's cherry wood roast pork sammie.
Nichole ate the special, a panko-crusted salmon sandwich with pickled jalapeno mayo and salad and a coffee.
We shared an order of duck and sesame braised cabbage egg rolls.
The bill was $26, or $13/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Natt Spil an A- (see our grading rubric).

Natt Spil is trying really hard to be hip, which is usually the kiss of death for hipsters. But it has enough novelty (to wit, no exterior signage, small variable menu, employs outre chic folk) to give it enough cred to pull it off. That said, Natt Spil is a high-maintenance date that puts out.

Black and white and redTheir bar list is impressive, but even if you settle for a coffee you can rest assured it's of the awesome dark Johnson Brothers variety.

We started with the duck and sesame braised cabbage egg rolls. Though light on cabbage, the sesame flavor came through without overpowering; maybe the assertive duck just stands up to it well. The hot ginger sauce, presented prettily in a spoon, and basil chiffonade added interest.

Salmon sandwichNichole was tempted by the "duck duck soup" of duck confit, wild mushrooms and ginger but between the duck in the egg rolls and the fact that she'd had soup for lunch (not an excuse unless you're an amateur, and yes, we get to play that card still), it seemed like overkill. The special, a salmon sandwich, was very well executed - no regrets here. The soft, slightly sweet brioche held up to a substantial piece of fish, coated in panko (all the rage on King St.) and complemented by the spicy mayo.

JM's sammie was a spicy experience even sans jalapenos, and he did have some difficulty getting his mouth around the bun. That said, the sandwich was quite tasty and filling for a cold night. It also featured JM's gold standard of flavors in that every bite was different and had a mix of complementary flavors and textures.

So, Natt Spil lived up to the hip hype.


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So what curse does double-A-minus portend?

You make the call: Admiralty Room, Babe's American Grill, Bear Rock Café (CLOSED), Blue Moon, Café Carpe, Café Montmartre, Capitol Chophouse, Casa Bianca (CLOSED), China Wok, Chocolate Shoppe, Coffee Gallerie (CLOSED?), Copper Top Restaurant, Cousin's, Culver's, Brocach Irish Pub, Dardenelles, Campus Biryani & Kebab, Cocoliquot (CLOSED), Cool Runnings (CLOSED), Brewer Square Gallery Bistro (CLOSED), Fat Jack's, Flatiron Tavern (CLOSED), Fraboni's Italian Delicatessen, Gino's, Greenbush Bakery, Ground Zero, Gumby's Pizza, GumSeng (CLOSED), Café La Bellitalia, Harmony Bar, Himal Chuli, Hong Kong Café, Bamboo Hut (CLOSED), Imperial Garden, In the Company of Thieves, Johnny Delmonico's, Brasserie V, The Corner Store, El Pescador, Kabul Restaurant, Kelly's Grille, Kipp's Down Home Cookin', Acropolis (CLOSED), Bar Bistro 608 (Sorta CLOSED), Cabana Room, La Bamba Mexican Restaurant, La Hacienda, La Rocca's Pizzeria, Lazy Jane's Café, Louisienne's Etc., Lulu's Deli & Restaurant, Indigo Coffee & Tea (CHANGED NAME), Mad Dog's Chicago Style Eatery (CLOSED), Maharaja, Market Street Diner, Mercury Restaurant Lounge, Monty's Blue Plate Diner, A Place for Friends (CLOSED), Natt Spil

just ate there last night, and the greek goddess pizza (feta, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, deliciousness) was excellent.

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